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Here you can Find all the visual Journaling Courses by Rakefet Hadar and collaborations.
A visual journal is a tool that helps us learn the language of meaning in our lives. Through journaling, we discover ourselves and find ways to get closer to our inner self and understand what is important to us.
Intention, magical coincidence, background, image, line, color, and text – these are the seven elements of the visual journey journaling method.


The Best of SoulCircle

This is truly an amazing opportunity to discover our special SoulCircle community and courses!

This course includes 10 amazing lessons by 4 great teachers!

You will find here the best lessons out of 5 different courses:

Sale 97$

Spring-New Beginnings

This season at SoulCircle, we will explore archetypes of growth to fill ourselves with light, joy, creativity, and awe with nature. We will celebrate with cool mixed media techniques that connect us to nature using leaves, tree barks, branches, and garden flowers in our journals, knowing our imagination is also a source of eternal Spring.

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Awaken your inner child

The inner child exists in each of us and is responsible for the feeling of well-being, joy and happiness in our lives.
Connecting to the inner child will allow us to make a change and transformation in our lives
We are excited to invite you to awaken your inner child with "SoulPages" journaling method created by Rakefet Hadar.

Plus many Bonuses!!

SoulPages Mentor Training 23-24

The 3rd international Mentor program of working with groups and private clients to create stunning visual journal spreads that enhance creativity and transformation according to the Method developed by Rakefet Hadar

Sale 10$!!

Mindfulness Training with Drawing Practices

Mindfulness training will help you learn how to rewire your brain for greater peace and calm. Designed especially for creative people. This course was recorded live with an audience and is two hours long.


Light me up

A special fun course about light!
Four great lessons by three teachers about the theme of our inner light.
Each teacher will show you her special way to increase your inner light and in the end you will get to meet all of them in a live zoom and experience the special energy of the SoulCircle team!


Seven ways to bind your SoulPages journals

In the art journaling world, we bind our journal to prepare the container in which we express our feelings, thoughts and desires. In this amazing new course, you will learn seven exciting ways to bind your journals from three teachers!

$328 Early bird price!

The Wheel of Time: An Inner Exploration

Our new exciting SoulCircle yearly course with tons of inspiration, guest teachers, and surprises. We will explore the four seasons of the heart through the Wheel of time. we will learn about archetypes, legends, and inner symbols.
Join our community with the leading of three exceptional teachers: Rakefet Hadar, Pam Hausner and Iris Gal.

$97 Early bird price

The Wheel of Time- Winter

Winter takes us into a unique journey, full of sensory celebration and also a range of emotions.
In this course, you will get 11+ lessons from 4 amazing teachers that will take you through inner exploration.
You will retrieve your inner palace and discover your strengths!

$129 early bird price

Healing Stories

Immerse yourself in weekly sessions that invite you into a place of well-being and wholeness through the powerful exploration of stories that are deeply embedded in your psyche. SoulCircle provides a sanctuary for discovery through the collective celebration of our individual creativity and gifts.
Healing Stories is the first season of the SoulCircle community!

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The color energy map of childhood

This is the introductory course to the Color Archetypes course.
You will learn about the significance of the three primary colors and how they affect your energy system.
We will create together your childhood color map that will transform the way you think of color and healing.


Shamanic Soul Art Journeys

In a series of summer meetings, I would love to meet you in person, get to know you better and teach you this incredible healing tool- shamanic art journeys.
Each meeting will start with a guided journey and then we will create the journey in our visual journal with different techniques.

Learning From Dandelions

Learning from the Dandelion

Nature has been evolving and adapting over vast amounts of geological time and in the process, has developed wisdom that we can apply to our human lives. In this short course, we look to the simple dandelion for guidance on protecting and nourishing ourselves for greater personal joy and well-being.

47$ Early bird price

The power of mantra-transforming our life with color capsule

This is the first part of my new spiritual method- Color Archetypes. In this course, you will learn about the power of mantra and the tool of- Color capsule to manifest your life. You will learn a process of working with primary colors and connecting with inner archetypes of change.


Color Archetypes

Color archetypes is a spiritual-artistic method to identify and understand the source of energies available to us from the day we were born – core energy, connection energy, and spiritual energy.
These three energies, inherent parts of us, navigate and shape our lives. Understanding them will help us live better, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

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SoulPages™ Mentor Training 22-23

The 2nd international facilitator program of working with groups and private clients to create stunning visual journal spreads that enhance creativity and transformation according to the Method developed by Rakefet Hadar

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SoulPages Facilitator Program 21-22

The 1st international facilitator program of working with groups and private clients to create stunning visual journal spread that enhance creativity and transformation according to the Method developed by Rakefet Hadar

Sale 75$

The HomeBook

Children books are magical objects that have the power to connect us to our most precious memories, insights, and powers.
In this course I will teach you my special way of altering a children book with questions, meditative writing, mix media techniques and my special method of parallel journaling.

35 $

Memory Pockets

In “memory pockets” we will explore how we can look into our memories and create a safe space for them, a “memory pocket”. In that safe space it will be possible to separate ourselves from other people’s influence and create a new story which reflects our true self.


The red violin

The Red Violin is a free mini course that explain my method of working with the 7 elements of Visual journaling
Intention, Magical coincidence, Background, Images, Lines, Colors & Text.
Learn how to combine them to create meaningful Spreads in your art Journal.

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