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Each and every one of us is born with the built-in ability to change our lives and connect to the energies of health, love, the joy of life, and creativity.
In this course, we will learn the tool of a color capsule that will connect us to the power of fulfillment of the primary colors and their ability to change our lives.

watercolor journaling for beginners

I’m very honored to announce the opening of the International mentor training in my method of “SoulPages Journaling”.

This is an online live course of 30 full lessons during 9 months of training.

All the lessons are recorded and kept for another full year after the course is finished.

Color archetypes is a spiritual-artistic method to identify and understand the source of energies available to us from the day we were born – core energy, connection energy, and spiritual energy.

These three energies, inherent parts of us, navigate and shape our lives. Understanding them will help us live better, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

In my method SoulPages, I use lots of exercises that I call Meditation art. These exercises create a meditative state of mind and allow inner development, feeling calm and happy.

Jung, the great psychiatrist, painted mandalas to practice inner peace and feel whole. He spoke about art as being meditative and creating states of flow when time passes, and we experience happiness and a unique feeling of connectedness to our hidden self.

When art therapy as a movement started in the ’70s, one of the ideas was to use art activities to release content from the unconscious to the conscious and create insights through using material and techniques in a free, nonjudgmental way.

Meditation art is one step farther; it means that you can meditate while you are creating in your visual journals.

All you have to do is use the seven elements of visual journaling separately and keep on creating in a repetitive motion without planning or having any desire for a particular outcome.

If you want to learn more of the Seven elements, you can do this free workshop.

The basics of Meditation art

  • Create with only one material at a time.
  • Use repetitive patterns and techniques.
  • Don’t think! let your hand guides you
  • Don’t expect a beautiful outcome- it’s all about the process.
  • Notice your breath while you create.
  • If you feel judgmental or bored, stop and look at what you have created.
  • Use the elements separately (color, line, image, text) to create layers.

How to start meditating in your visual journal?

The most common meditating activity is doodling.

To try doodling, you need a page with any colored background and a black or white thin pen.

Now follow the patterns that the blots of color created and mark them.

Don’t think. Just let your hand create small doodles; they don’t have to mean anything now; keep doodling until you feel it’s enough.

You can also try this free tutorial in my blog-its all about creating a state of relaxation with only felt pens and a black pen.


In my SoulPages Facilitator course, you can create lessons with meditation art activities.

In this intense and developmental course, you could start to understand how our minds work together with artistic elements to release difficult emotions and promote happiness and health.

meditation spiritual art

Meditation spiritual art is a form of art practice that involves meditation practice such as mindfulness and aims for spiritual development.

Since art therapy started to develop in the ’60s, it was accepted that art-making could contribute to mental and physical health.

It is also known that meditation as a regular habit is a significant positive force that enhances our life and creates well-being.

And lastly, spiritual art-making was always an essential part of lots of tribal communities worldwide.

In Color Archetypes, I created a powerful method of artistic expression that incorporates meditation, mantra making, and spiritual development with colors and images.

meditation spiritual art- what are the benefits?

  • A daily meditation spiritual art practice will promote your health and well-being.
  • You can create unique simple art that reflects your inner world
  • Get powerful insights from your art that can improve your life.
  • Learn how to articulate mantras that can transform and heal your life
  • connect with your individual color map.
  • Enjoy the different energies and healing that colors bring to your life.
  • Learn how to use art mantras as a regular habit that will change your life.


The connection between Color, meditation, and the spiritual path

There are many theories that link our complex soul to theories of color.

Our aura colors, chakra colors, Native American color wheel and more are all an attempt to express the richness and complexity of our soul.

Our soul is like a beautiful diamond which is made up of several components, these components can be called energies and any such energy can be seen in a particular color so that we can understand how these energies work together to allow our soul to be expressed in the world.

 The three energies that make up our soul are the core energy, the other energy, and the spiritual energy.

In Color Archetypes,I chose to use the language of colors to describe the energies that make up our souls.

The three basic colors – red, blue, yellow – make up all the colors in the universe, and respectively – the three basic energies of the soul can create an infinity of possibilities in our lives.

To express the energies of the soul – I chose to attach one basic color to each energy. The uniqueness of the “Color Archetypes” method compared to other methods of color healing is the ability of each one to arrange for himself the color map according to his intuitive and personal connection to the primary colors.

meditation painting

Meditation art therapy

Meditation art therapy is a set of art journaling visual exercises that are meditative and allow for healing.

Everyone can do meditation art therapy simple exercises. However, it is proven that a regular routine of working in our art journal can contribute to our daily well-being and happiness.

I have worked as an art therapist since 2012, and I was always fascinated by how meditative art exercises contribute to my client’s health. This is why I decided to develop my method of visual journaling for adults called SoulPages.

SoulPages method is built on seven elements: Intention, Magical coincidence, Background, line, color, image, and text.

Some of the elements like line and text are very meditative.

For example- doodling is a technique of meditation art therapy; when you doodle around the watercolor background, you start to experience meditative states.

If you want to watch a short tutorial about doodling, you can find it here


Meditation art- a self-care therapy

These are a few suggestions for meditation art therapy activities

The basics of Meditation art with the line element

  •    Create with only one tool at a time( marker, pencil).
  •    Use repetitive lines.
  •   Draw until you fill-up the page with shapes.
  •     Don’t think! let your hand guides you
  •   Try different kinds of lines- closed, open, dash lines, etc
  •    Don’t expect a beautiful outcome-its all about the process.
  •     Notice your breath while you create.
  •    If you feel judgmental or bored, stop looking at what you have created and write the words that come to your mind
  • After you fill up the page- you can color it any way you want.


Winnicott and the squiggle game

Donald Winnicott, a well-known children psychiatrist,  used to play with his patients the squiggle game. He used to divide the page into six parts, and he would start with asking his clients to do a quick squiggle- then he would continue the squiggle into an image and give it a name.

After that, they switched roles, Winnicote would draw a squiggle, and his client would turn it into an image.

In the end, they would create a story of all six squiggle images that they created together.

Usually, the story was a metaphoric story that was very relevant to the client’s life.

This activity was very meditative and therapeutic.


I was influenced by Winnicott to create a process for the SoulPages facilitator’s course.

In this process, you create a journal cover that is full of line meditative exercises.

If you want to learn a new exciting profession and become a SoulPages facilitator you can read about the training here


This training aims to create professional facilitators that can help people grow and transform with the tool of the visual journal and the seven elements.


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