So excited to share that after a very long wait- my book is finally on the shops in the US, the UK and probably other countries ..I was so thrilled to finf the new edition in

Barnes &Noble in corfull and beautiful!

You can also order it from Book Depository

and probably many other shops..

The visual journal is a simple handbound notebook in which to create, using mixed media language techniques, works that serve as an expression of the soul and create a path to healing, internal freedom and the sparkling of passion.

“Visual journey journaling” is an innovating artistic language made up of seven elements: Intention, Magical coincidence, Background, Images ,lines, Color, and Text. Visual Journey journaling (VJJ) invites you to a fascinating world where you will reconnect with the inner artist hidden in each and every one of us, and allow you to create Soul Pages using simple techniques and subtle guidelines to take a look inside yourself.

In the 1st chapter of the book you will learn how to master these 7 elements in your journal. There are many fun exercises and a step by step tutorial of how to saw a simpe journal.
In the 2nd chapter you will learn how to make a “soul page” in a step by step process with the 7 elements.
The 3rd and last part of the book is an opportunity to see Rakefet Hadar private art journal pages in full size and read her stories behind them.



When I dreamed of publishing a  book ,few years ago… I didn’t realized how much hard work it would be and how many great people will be involved in making my dream come true.

To write it was the easy part… than I had to find the publisher who was willing to hear my crazy ideas about the graphics.

Than-thinking of Amazon- I was sure it will be so easy… I planned to make a digital version of it, until I understood it will reduce the quality of my art work…because most of my spreads are horizontal (2 pages) and in digital you read the book page by page..

Even to download it as a print on demand – was difficult because it was full of graphics and so heavy. it took ages until we manage to get approval.

But finally it is here and I wanted to share with you the full cover which is made of two different spreads.

These are 2 of my most precious spreads… the deer is my power animal and it symbolizes an inner  home, the home of our imagination and creativity, each of us has it inside, we just have to look for it.

The castle is the symbol of the soul and the path to find your true destiny, you true volition. I believe that art journaling is one of the greatest tools to find meaning in life.

And finally, I really want to thank “The green man” for taking this project and spending hours and hours thinking on every small detail. And “Nottsa” publishers who made the English version and were so patience and professional!




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