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Each and every one of us is born with the built-in ability to change our lives and connect to the energies of health, love, the joy of life, and creativity.
In this course, we will learn the tool of a color capsule that will connect us to the power of fulfillment of the primary colors and their ability to change our lives.

watercolor journaling for beginners

I’m very honored to announce the opening of the International mentor training in my method of “SoulPages Journaling”.

This is an online live course of 30 full lessons during 9 months of training.

All the lessons are recorded and kept for another full year after the course is finished.

Color archetypes is a spiritual-artistic method to identify and understand the source of energies available to us from the day we were born – core energy, connection energy, and spiritual energy.

These three energies, inherent parts of us, navigate and shape our lives. Understanding them will help us live better, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

art journal collage

I love to create a small collage journal that is the background for more layered artwork with color and other materials in my practice.

I love to bind my journals in this unique way because collage is the primary technique in art journaling.

When we create our handmade collage journal from scratch -we create a vessel for our inner dreams, wishes, and hopes.

Collage is an artistic technique that incorporates different papers, fabrics, and all sorts of ephemera to create a new image that combines small glued parts into one surface.

The process of collage creates integration in the soul and this is why it is such an amazing art technique.

When I start working on a new journal, I always glue collage pieces to some of the pages so when I bind them together- I will already have images that inspire me to continue and create more.

In this way, I overcome my fear of the white page.

Some people call these special journals- junk journals because you can combine so many parts of yourself artistically.

Collage journal- what kind of material can you use?

  • pictures from old books
  • vintage pictures from Pinterest
  • journals and newspapers
  • your art
  • stamps
  • gift packaging
  • colored papers
  • scraps of fabrics
  • any ephemera material that you can glue.

Collage ideas for art journaling

In my courses, I teach lots of collage techniques with endless materials.

In my free course- The red violin, you can learn the process of collage with the seven elements.

If you want to join this course log in to the site and try the free course.

In the “memory pockets,” you can learn how to create collage journal pages with family pictures.

you can learn more about this course here:

Memory Pockets

In my “HomeBook” course you could learn a special collage method that is made inside old books. I also use the pictures that are already in the book as part of the overall spread.

This is a truly remarkable course with eight different collage techniques.

And finally, you can learn all my collage secrets and become a master in collage journal if you join my facilitator training and learn how to invent collage techniques and create amazing art journaling processes.

Artistic journal

Artistic journal is one of the many names of the visual or art journal.

It is similar to a written journal, but you can add many elements such as colors, images, patterns, fabrics. You can play in your visual journal and create infinite worlds of wonder.

In your visual journal, you can connect with your inner child and play with different materials and tecniques. There are no rules of right and wrong- everything is possible!

I want to share a short story of how I discovered the visual journal.

Six years ago, in my final year of studies for a graduate degree in art therapy, I met a good friend of mine for lunch. She pulled an old children’s book out of her purse, and when she opened it, I saw that between its covers, instead of regular pages, there were thick sheets that were hand-sewn together. My friend had drawn on the pages in pencil and markers, pasted snippets of newspapers, and wrote down her inner thoughts.

“What is this?” I asked her, feeling its magic start to permeate me.

It’s called art journaling,” she said. “It’s a kind of artistic journal anyone can do it; anything goes, no rules, and it’s a lot of fun.”

I went home, not knowing that this meeting would be life-changing. I felt an overpowering need to create a book of my own, and that same day I sewed myself an artistic journal with the covers of an old book.

And I haven’t stopped since …

Today, six years later, I teach the method I developed for visual journaling, a method designed to empower freedom, meaning, and connection to passion, self-acceptance, and love.

you can read more about it in the book “Layers of meaning” by Rakefet Hadar/

If you want to see some short videos for quick fun 15 minutes visual journaling practices go here

Art bites- your daily art journaling practice

You can also enjoy my book “Layers of meaning” by rakefet hadar that has lots of exiting prompts and tutorials.

Artistic journal – set your inner self free

there are numerous ways to start a visual journaling daily practice.

  • In your journal write your thought on the right side of the page and then use felt markers on the other side to react to the written words.
  • choose a daily word and glue a few images that are connected to this word.
  • paint with colorful colors on black background.
  • create a face from 10 pieces of colored paper.
  • write dialogue about this face.
  • work with family pictures
  • Join an art journaling group

Daily visual journaling practice will improve your life

The method I created SoulPages journaling is based on seven elements: Intention, magical coincidence, background, color, line, image & text.

when you are working with the elements-visual journaling can be like meditation because in every layer you concentrate on one element.

with only 15 minutes a day, you can experience connectedness to your inner self, more joy and happiness, and above all self-love.

I invite you to join my free course and get to know the seven elements of visual journaling.

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