It’s Finally here!


I’m over the moon that after two intense years of creating, the “Color Archetype” book is finally on Amazon!!

The “birth” of my new book


Exactly four years ago, my first book “Layers of Meaning” came out!

The book was a great success both in Israel and abroad… and brought to many women the magic of the seven elements of the visual journal.

The elements are: intention, ,magical coincidence, background, image, color, text and line. Over the past years I realized how deep the elements are and how much they influence our lives. Out of the seven elements it turned out that color, image and text are the three elements that really allow the magic to happen.

Following the investigation and the prolonged work in the my journal, the annual course was born – the Color Archetypes, which led an in-depth process of working on colors, archetypes and intuitive writing.

Over 200 women have participated in the Color Archetypes course in recent years and allowed a new method to be born.

Thanks to these special women and thanks to the power of the archetypal work in color combination – my second book was born – Color Archetypes

The book was published this week on Amazon and is waiting to reach everyone who loves color and wants to explore the archetypes that accompany our lives through colors.

But above all, the real quality of the book lies in the works of art you can see in it – created by Rakfat Hadar and her students and the inspiration to start your own art based on the processes that are suggested on the book.

These works of art enable frequencies of healing and inner connection to a deep creation.

This is a spectacular art book that combines inspiration for nine development and creation lessons using the “SoulPages” method while focusing on the journey we went through during our childhood and the archetypes that influence our lives.



Why do you absolutely need this book? 


Discover the healing properties of your inner color wheel.

The act of making art is a therapeutic process that can help you communicate and visualize your own unique path towards happiness. However, just as there are many roads to the same destination, no one can tell you what your roadmap to happiness looks like. You have to paint it first.

A companion to Rakefet Hadar’s Layers of Meaning method, Color Archetypes is a one-of-a-kind art therapy guide and workbook for both patients and therapists. Using its fresh and colorful prompts, you too can create your own visual “roadmap” at any given moment while understanding the emotions associated with different colors.


In this book, you will find:

  • Exercises in transformation and healing – and how to use self-expression as a driving force for change.
  • An in-depth look into the world of color archetypes – explanations and lessons on harnessing the healing powers of colors while working on your own visual journal.
  • The ability to understand and control your emotions – use colors as a medium to communicate and unravel your thoughts and desires.
  • A great way to handle anxiety, stress, self-esteem issues, trauma, and self-doubt.
Enter the illustrious world of color archetypes and paint your way to a better, happier, and more fulfilling life.

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