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The power of mantra-transforming our life with color capsule

About this course

Each and every one of us is born with the built-in ability to change our lives and connect to the energies of health, love, the joy of life, and creativity.
All that is required of us is to believe that we can do this in a simple and creative way.
In this course, we will learn the tool of a color capsule that will connect us to the power of fulfillment of the primary colors and their ability to change our lives.
A color capsule is one of the processes of the Color Archetypes method. This is  a tool that connects color, image, and the creation of a healing mantra. You can repeat this process and create as many color capsules that you want with any mantra or affirmation that you create.

What is a mantra?
A mantra is actually a type of prayer, a precise sentence that describes the situation we want to reach – as if it has already happened and is being fulfilled in the present.
Our unconscious does not know how to distinguish between imagination and reality so when we create a mantra and reinforce it by visual expression and continue to reinforce it by daily practice, reality begins to align accordingly.

In this workshop, we will connect to the power of our personal color palette in the context of healing a certain aspect of our life.

We will create a mantra and a color capsule that will express our healing.

?What will you get

3 Full Lessons  (Each containing 2-5 videos)

A guided visualization that you could go back to again and again.

Online help to create your mantra (In a closed Facebook group)

A powerful process that you could do every time you want to create a change in your life.

Creating a color journal where you could create your mantras.

Great mix media techniques

Inner healing

Course Price: $47 instead of 67$

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Materials we will need

  • Water-soluble ink in Red, Yellow and blue.
  • White marker/gel pen
  • printed images from books or magazines
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ephemera
  • Acrylic & acrylic markers
  • gel pens
  • black pilot
  • 8 A4 watercolor paper
  • Wax thread
  • Binding needle
  • owl

Early-bird Price $47 Until April 17th


Iris Gal


When I became acquainted with the method of Color Archetypes – a bridge unfolded for me between the world of energies and the world of color and creation.

I immediately connected to the idea of the method in which Rakefet tells us that we were all born with a certain energetic array that helps us fulfill our destiny.

My color map allowed me to understand the Soul pages I create in the visual journal.

I highly recommend getting to know Rakefet and her approach to the colors and power of creation in our lives.



Hava Levine


I look at the process I did in the Color Archetype course under your guidance.

You built an in-depth course, which expresses the wisdom of heart, creativity, delicacy, and spirituality …

The process started with me as a sad 4-year-old girl,

Who went through the healings of my childhood fragments,

The course strengthenקג my significant workforce in my life,

And I finally came to be a happy, creative and grateful woman!

Thank you with all my heart

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