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Shamanic Color Journeys


About this course

Creating together is a special experience that changes our perception and enhances our creativity!

This summer I can’t travel as I always do, so instead I want to invite you to join me from all around the world to create Soulful art together.

When we create our individual art in the context of community, the process becomes so much stronger! Working together provides the opportunity to connect with others, gain inspiration, and be a part of the special energy of the creative womb.

Several years ago, I was trained to be a shamanic healer. When I developed SoulPages, I incorporated the amazing healing powers of the shamanic journey into a hybrid experience—Shamanic Color Journeys.

Early-Bird price of $69 (%50 discount!!) Until August 10th!


New Summer Series!

I would love to meet you in person, get to know you better, and teach you this incredible healing tool of shamanic color  journeys.

The lessons are based on my Book- Color archetypes.

In each lesson we will experience an inner journey and we will create a SoulPage” that will capture the journey essence.

The Live session will be on Wedensdays in August: 14,21,28

From 19 pm Israel (12 noon NY time) the lessons willbe recorded and uploaded to the course here upto 24 hours after the lesson.


What will you get?

  • 3 live/ recorded lessons by Rakefet Hadar
  • A recorded lesson of creating your Journey’s journal
  • 3 powerful processes that you could do every time you want to create a change in your life
Working daily in your collage journal can transform your life!

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This is a recorded course

Materials you might need:

  • Watercolors
  • White marker/gel pen
  • Masking tape
  • Water-soluble inks/ acrylic inks
  • Printed images from books or magazines
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ephemera
  • Acrylic & acrylic markers
  • Gel pens
  • Black Pilot pen
  • 8 A4 (or approximately 8.5″x11″) watercolor paper
  • Wax thread
  • Binding needle
  • Awl

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Course Content

Course Content

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