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Seven ways to bind your SoulPages journals

About the course

Book binding is an ancient craft, we all know it as gathering pages to a book or a notebook, an album or a way to submit a project.

In the art journaling world, we bind our journal as an act of preparing the container in which we express our feelings, thoughts and desires. The holder of expressing secrets or manifesting wishes all in mixed media art.

It might seem difficult and can be intimidating at first, but after you create a diary and another diary and vary the methods, it becomes a lot of fun.

Even at times when we go through frustration, there is something in the final result, in which a diary that we made is placed in front of us, that fills us with great satisfaction. Creating in your own hand made diary, is awesome.

It’s a great gift for yourself, and also a lovely gift to give to someone important on special occasions.

Here is a course with 7 different techniques for binding journals – prepare materials, press play, and enjoy the process and the result.

We would love to see the diaries you made on our Facebook page:

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watercolor paper 250-300 gr (size you like)

wax thread

 sewing needle

Washi tape / masking tape

Awl or any tool to poke holes on paper





paper shopping bag

optional: bone folder

Price: $129


Ifat Zeevi


To me, a visual journal is a place to let my soul rest, especially when she’s sad or anxious. It is a place to play, to experiment, and to express childlike parts of myself. It has helped a me lot in the past year and has given me another language in which I can be, experiment and discover.


Orly Elad


The Visual Journal is my private medium of self-expression, self-experimentation, the most powerful place to heal and fulfill.

In my Journal I have a place to create without judgment, to bring out any thought or feeling. To give my hand freedom, to lead the blotches of color and lines, to pick the colors. And many times, to receive answers to the questions – “Who am I? What is my problem?”

It is simply a direct passage to my soul.

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