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Manifesting the life you want through SoulPages Family constellations

About this course

We all come to this planet to create something valuable that will contribute to the lives of others in our family, country and even bigger communities around us.

What is our life’s purpose? What will help us wake up in the morning with joy and excitement?

What is meaningful to us?

It can be anything from creating a family, writing a book, creating with colors, travelling… the possibilities are endless.

Everything that we are doing is part of the manifestation fabric of our lineage.

Come and discover how you can learn about the different kinds of manifestations that you create in your life.

Some of them are not yours to manifest and you have to let them go.

Some of them are hidden under guilt and shame.

But when we do this process we can discover our true self, the most brilliant part of us that is new and pure.

When we know this unique part of our being, we can also accept our belonging to a greater lineage and respect it.

In this 10-week course we will create our own piles of fabrics in various different mixed media techniques.

We will learn how to work with these fabrics and learn all the basics of the Family Constellation method.

After the course you could work with yourself  and  integrate this simple method to your life as a self-help tool that bring immediate relief.

This tool will help you connect with your inner wisdom and intuition and help you manifest the life that you want.

* We will be creating in our journal in every session!!

What will you get?

  • A few different mixed media fabric and paper techniques to create a pile of fabrics for family constellations 
  • 2 pre-recorded  Lessons
  • 8 live sessions with creative process in each of them!!
  • Our original family and the order of love
  • Archetypes of the family system
  • The collective unconscious and hidden resources
  • My essence-my path
  • Rituals of acceptance
  • How to balance the orders of love
  • Manifesting
  • You will learn a simple powerful technique to work with yourself
  • You will also work with others as a witness to their progress.
  • Lots of exercises, practices and rituals
  • 10 lessons-each lesson is 3 hours.

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.firsthe tMaterials you might need:

  • Acrylics
  • Posca markers
  • pen and paper for writing exercises
  • A white canvas or cotton covered with gesso ( size A3 /42cm*29)
  • White marker/gel pen
  • Acrylic inks
  • Printed images of some of your lineage
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Other materials will be sent via email before the first lesson.

Important! You can see the Zoom link after you pay under the first topic.

Eight Lessons will be recorded Live On Sundays at 6 pm Israel time/ !0 am LA

The two first lessons will be pre-recorded and will be uploaded on November 5th Nov 12.

The Live Dates: from 18.00pm- 21.00pm Israel time,  8am LA Time.

Recorded lessons: Nov 5,12

Live and recorded Lessons:

November: 19,26

December: 16-Saturday(same hours)

January: 14, 21

February: 11,18,25



Lifetime access  $775

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After you pay, the course will be yours for ever!

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