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Each and every one of us is born with the built-in ability to change our lives and connect to the energies of health, love, the joy of life, and creativity.
In this course, we will learn the tool of a color capsule that will connect us to the power of fulfillment of the primary colors and their ability to change our lives.

watercolor journaling for beginners

I’m very honored to announce the opening of the International mentor training in my method of “SoulPages Journaling”.

This is an online live course of 30 full lessons during 9 months of training.

All the lessons are recorded and kept for another full year after the course is finished.

Color archetypes is a spiritual-artistic method to identify and understand the source of energies available to us from the day we were born – core energy, connection energy, and spiritual energy.

These three energies, inherent parts of us, navigate and shape our lives. Understanding them will help us live better, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

watercolor journal book

Watercolor journaling is a practice of art journaling dedicated to one medium-watercolor.

Watercolors are a fantastic medium to explore in your journal; it has so many techniques, and it allows you to paint your images and create small sketches of your daily practices and routines.

Watercolors are also an extraordinary medium that helps you create magical coincidence backgrounds.

If you want to learn more about magical coincidence with watercolors, you can visit my blog.

In my journals, I always use watercolor as the base of any spread because this material is so versatile.

I use watercolor journaling when I travel to grasp special moments and create memories.

Watercolor journaling-what are the benefits?

  • Using mainly one material in your journal can allow for more depth of creation
  • It’s great for documenting daily scenes for your journal
  • The colors flow and interact with each other in ways that allow interpretation and insights
  • It’s a great medium to combine with collage to create beautiful spreads in your journal
  • Watercolors don’t stick, so it’s perfect for journals or notebooks that need to be closed.
  • You can learn a lot about yourself when you use watercolors as a daily practice.

How to be more creative with watercolors?

In my new method- color archetype- I use watercolor journaling to connect with colors as energies that affect my life.

I started working in the visual journal eight years ago during a challenging period of my life, my mother was dying of cancer, and the visual journal gave me relief and insights. I loved colors, and I liked images, but when I checked my journals, I found that most of my work was related to watercolor.

And so I created and developed the “SoulPages” method, a method of creation that consists of seven elements of which color is one.

But when I checked the hundreds of works I had created in my journal, I realized that color is the most potent element.

I used watercolor in a healing way for myself, and it helped me create works that gave me energy and allowed me insights and understandings that changed my life.

In recent years and thanks to the regular work in the visual journal combined with spiritual inquiry, I have developed the method “Colors archetypes.”

This process allows healing through the use of energies and frequencies that different colors bring to our lives.

If you want to learn more about how I use watercolor in my journals you can try one of my online courses.

watercolor journaling for beginners

watercolor journaling

Watercolor art journaling is an art practice that is concentrated in the medium of watercolor.

whenever I travel abroad, I always take a watercolor set and my art journaling kit with me.

This is all I need in order to enjoy myself and create beautiful watercolor art journaling spreads that capture the essence of the places I visit.

In this post, I want to take you through a few of my watercolor art journaling techniques so you can start creating when you travel.

I just want to remind you that I create SoulPages with the seven elements: Intention, magical coincidence, background, color, image, line, and text.

Watercolors allow me to add layers to my art journaling soul pages.


If you want to read more about SoulPages method you can check this link


Watercolor art journaling kit- what will you need?

  • A good set of artist-grade watercolors( pan or tubes)
  • An art journal with watercolor paper
  • A black permanent marker (0.3-0.5)
  • White posca
  • White gel pen
  • A few images from old books, magazines
  • glue
  • scissors


primary color’s background.

The first great watercolor art journaling technique that I will teach you is primary color’s background.

For this technique, I will need the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow.

You Start with one primary color that goes from one corner of the page.

Then you continue with the 2nd primary color from the 2nd corner until you “meet” the first color.

Let the two-color blend with more water.

Now add the 3rd primary color from the 3rd corner until it “meets” with one of the other colors, blend it in with water.

with wet brush paint over the white spaces of the page.

Let the colors drip and blend naturally.

Can you see secondary colors that were created naturally?

Add more pigment to the corners of the page to create contrast.


Wild watercolor technique

Start with a wide brush full of color and draw an organic stroke all over the page- let your hand move freely until you created a kind of “doodle” all over the page.

with a second color create “marks” with the wet-on-wet technique.( applying wet color on wet areas)

continue to fill up the page with wide strokes and “mark making” techniques- you can use different tools such as sticks,  thin brushes etc.

Fill your brush with diluted white acrylic and with another stick just hit the brush and “spray” the white color all over the background.


Secondary colors technique+ salt/alcohol

secondary colors are the colors that are created from any combination of two primary colors, blue and yellow create green, red and blue create purple, yellow and red create orange.

In this technique, we will create background from only two primary colors in a meditative, slow way until the secondary color will be created in the middle of the spread.

We will use very thin layers of colors.


When the page is still wet play with raw salt and 90% alcohol drops.

Let the spread dry before you get rid of the excess salt.



watercolors are a great medium to explore in our art journal.

if you want to learn more about SoulPages method and learn lots of fun techniques you can look at my book “Layers of Meaning”

 If you are interested to become a SoulPages facilitator you can read more here

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