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Memory Pockets

 About this course

All our stories are connected to our memories and experiences with other significant people.

Sometimes we become so entangled in other people stories that we forget our own unique path.

In “memory pockets” we will explore how we can look into our memories and create a safe space for them, a “memory pocket”. In that safe space it will be possible to separate ourselves from other people’s influence and create a new story which reflects our true self.

I will teach you my way of “parallel journaling”- working on 3 spreads at once, creating parallel layers of color, images, text and doodling.

I will share with you my intuitive journaling process and the way I use images and colors to create vibrant pages that “connect” with each other on a visual journal.

We will connect our pages in a special way (I won’t tell you now!) that will create a safe  space for our memory and an opportunity for us to change.

?What will you get

Nine short videos that will lead you in a self discovery road

Great mix media techniques

Inner healing

Course Price: 35$

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Materials we will need

  • watercolors
  • white gesso
  • printed images from books or magazines
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Emphera
  • Acrilic markers
  • gel pens
  • black pilot
  • Thread and needle

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Ifat Zeevi


To me, a visual journal is a place to let my soul rest, especially when she’s sad or anxious. It is a place to play, to experiment, and to express childlike parts of myself. It has helped a me lot in the past year and has given me another language in which I can be, experiment and discover.


Orly Elad


The Visual Journal is my private medium of self-expression, self-experimentation, the most powerful place to heal and fulfill.

In my Journal I have a place to create without judgment, to bring out any thought or feeling. To give my hand freedom, to lead the blotches of color and lines, to pick the colors. And many times, to receive answers to the questions – “Who am I? What is my problem?”

It is simply a direct passage to my soul.

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Course Content

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