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The Wheel of Time- Winter

Winter takes us into a unique journey, full of sensory celebration and also through a range of emotions.

The rain that drips on the roof is experienced by one as a melody and by another as an invitation to withdraw into oneself, and stay at home.

Whether you like the cold, dance in the rain or you don’t, we invite you to the SoulCircle’s winter season to fill your time with joy, fun techniques, expression and development.
You’ll create with us in live sessions and also in your own paste in prerecorded workshops. All of which will stay available for you for lifetime.

Using the powerful SoulPages™ method, this season will offer new insights, opportunities for self-healing, and deeper connection to your true self. Getting inspiration from nature, archetypes, legends, and art we will explore synchronicities through our collective subconscious with a world-wide women group

What will you get?

10 complete lessons by three teachers

A live vibrant community

A powerful process that you can do every time you want to create a change in your life

Instructions to create a colorful journal where you will create your spreads

Tons of mixed media techniques

Most importantly: inner healing

Course Price: 75% off with coupon code MARCH24($197 regular price)

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Materials we will need

  • Water-soluble ink in red, yellow and blue.
  • White marker/gel pen
  • Printed images from books or magazines
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ephemera
  • Acrylic paints & acrylic markers
  • Gel pens
  • Black pilot (or black waterproof pen)
  • 8 A4 (or 9″x12″) watercolor paper
  • Waxed thread
  • Binding needle
  • Awl

75% off with MARCH24 coupon code
until March 31, 2024

About SoulCircle

SoulCircle is a unique gathering of women who commit to meeting regularly in an ongoing series of weekly sessions—sometimes live in Zoom and other times using self-paced recordings—that invite us into deeper level of self-acceptance and affirmation of our place in the world.

Our themed sessions may often include guest teachers who honor the sacred space we share and are familiar with the powerful SoulPages™ method.

As a SoulCircle member, you are encouraged to share your weekly journal spread in our private, members-only Facebook group.

There simply is nothing else like this women-only, relationship-building, creative visual journaling, and empowering experience.

This course is the first season of the full yearly course “The Wheel of Time” If you want to check out the wheel of time course press the button below!


Chrissie Chattaway

I thoroughly enjoyed the Shamanic Soul Art Journeys class and only wish it could continue forever.

Rakefet has discovered a truly beautiful way to incorporate healing and a little magic into our lives through visual art journaling. Her method permits me to play, and I find the process both enlightening and rewarding. There are no rules, just soft, gentle guidance.

My inner child feels free from judgment and conditions and just plays in the beauty and colors and images that resonate with me, my heart feels so peaceful and happy.I can’t recommend Rakefet’s classes enough!



Gena Lumbroso


I have so enjoyed this journey for its depth and magic… Rakefet’s philosophy is that there are creative solutions for all challenges…the soul journal where, while working things out you feel supported, have fun, create beauty and grow at the same time. 

A growth mindset celebration of joy, fun, color, where you weave relationships with your soul, the group, creativity, new mediums and processes and learn to put a positive spin on life challenges. 

A magical coincidence: you will see and witness your creativity like a kaleidoscope of infinite possibility; once you master the elements, there is no limit to the number of ways it can dance through your journal and life.  Happy travels!

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