SoulPages is a mindful art practice

SoulPages is a mindful art practice

some people will say that mindfulness is the opposite of art creation since you are supposed to delve into just being and not doing.

As I see it- art is a special kind of mindfulness practice.

Art, for me, is not about doing or creating a beautiful piece; it’s about just letting yourself be one with the colors, the materials, the shapes, the words, and your subconscious.

In mindfulness practice, the intention is to feel everything and be aware of everything.

In SoulPages, the mindful artistic method that I developed- the main idea is to observe your inner world through the seven elements of creation.


The seven elements are Intention, Magical coincidence, background, color, image, line, and text.

It’s possible to look at the elements as layers of meaning, in each element, you can discover new things about yourself.

So when you are creating with a concentration on each element at a time- you are practicing mindfulness!!

So many of my students tell me that they feel more peaceful and relaxed after creating every day with the elements. They feel that their perception has changed and they can connect with positive thinking inside.

SoulPages is the best journaling method that promotes healing and well-being!

SoulPages is the best journaling method that promotes healing and well-being!

SoulPages is a method based on art journaling techniques, creative writing, visualization, and especially lots of creativity and imagination.


It was proven that daily art practice could change our lives, increase our well-being and create abundance.

Jung discovered the importance of creating art. He was a talented painter and sculptor.

He created mandalas as a healing practice.

Jung was maybe the first person who created art journaling pages!

In the Red book, he painted images he “saw” in his inner journeys.

Around his painting, Jung used to write notes and explanations.


The main healing factor of SoulPages is the positive anchoring!

In our psyche, we have constant battles between positive forces and negative energies.

You can see any person as full of these energetic patterns that balance themselves.

Usually, we can balance ourselves with our positive reservoir of experiences and inner voices. Still, in some cases, we don’t have enough positive inner parts, and we need to activate more parts inside us.


This is the beauty of this method- the idea that you can always use the collective archetype reservoir to activate positive inner parts that can become part of your inner world.

A daily joyful art practice that can change your life

A daily joyful art practice that can change your life

Many people ask me where they can learn art journaling for beginners

My honest answer is that it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced in my special journaling method- SoulPages journaling.

If You want to developpe your inner world and learn fun, joyful art techniques on the way, you should learn the SoulPages method with the seven elements.

The seven elements are like tools that help you developpe your inner strength and learn easily how to manifest abundance and joy in your life.

The seven elements are Intention, Magical coincidence, background, color, image, line, and text.


In my book “Layers of meaning- elements of visual journaling,” I’ve written about all the elements. 

In this short article, I want to talk about the importance of a daily practice of just 10 minutes.

I call this practice “7 elements in 10 minutes.”

Its very good to do this exercise in the evening

  • We start with color and background– we draw a shape with watercolors on our journal.-this should take 2 minutes.
  • then we write around the shape of whatever comes to our mind- We give it two minutes. This is the Intention element.
  • We add a collage image to the shape- 1 minute
  • We create lines and mark making- 2 minutes
  • We look at what we did and think of what surprised us. this is the magical coincidence– 2 minutes
  • We write one or a maximum of two words we gained from this process inside the shape-the text element 1 minute.


The benefits of a daily artistic practice

The benefits of a daily artistic practice

Recently I have been going through a challenging time in my life, and I’ve decided to start a daily artistic journal practice.

I call it “10 minutes SoulPages practice a day”

Every day I create for ten  minutes only

I work quickly without thinking about anything. 

I try to activate my subconscious and let it send me important words.

Words and images that can transform me!

My artistic journal receipt:

I work small

I use the seven elements

I use the energy of one word to create change.

I write and doodle around the image until I understand its significance to my life.

I feel that my life became so much reacher since I started this practice

I hope you will join me and start creating with me!

I aim to spread this practice everywhere because I believe it can heal us individually and as a global community.

The benefits of a daily artistic practice

The meditation qualities of visual journaling

Years ago, I started meditation class, and I discovered that I couldn’t meditate!

It was hard for me to close my eyes and think of nothing

I found it boring just to repeat one word or sound or concentrate on my breath.

Finally, I decided to give up, and then I found the most amazing thing!

I meditate when I’m creating in my visual journal.

Meditation art is a special art practice that activates parts of our brain that are activated when we meditate.

When we create in our journals, some concepts are very important.

If you keep them, you will practice meditation art:

  • Before you start breathing, close your eyes and breath slowly for at least 3 minutes
  • Try to empty your mind
  • Invite any word or sentence that wants to enter your consciousness to sink in
  • Write it down
  • Write about this word or sentence for 7 minutes. 
  • Use two colors that you feel drawn to and cover your writing.
  • Let your hand pick one image you are drawn to from your stash of images.
  • Use repetitive patterns in white and black marker, and let your hand guide you.
  • When you finish, gaze at what you did for two minutes and then close your eyes again and let one , a message comes to you.
  • Write it on your spread in big, bold letters.

When you practice meditation art, you will start experiencing true miracles..

I believe that creating with our hands in a special meditative mode, is no less therapeutic then any other form of meditation.

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