The meditation qualities of visual journaling

Years ago, I started meditation class, and I discovered that I couldn’t meditate!

It was hard for me to close my eyes and think of nothing

I found it boring just to repeat one word or sound or concentrate on my breath.

Finally, I decided to give up, and then I found the most amazing thing!

I meditate when I’m creating in my visual journal.

Meditation art is a special art practice that activates parts of our brain that are activated when we meditate.

When we create in our journals, some concepts are very important.

If you keep them, you will practice meditation art:

  • Before you start breathing, close your eyes and breath slowly for at least 3 minutes
  • Try to empty your mind
  • Invite any word or sentence that wants to enter your consciousness to sink in
  • Write it down
  • Write about this word or sentence for 7 minutes. 
  • Use two colors that you feel drawn to and cover your writing.
  • Let your hand pick one image you are drawn to from your stash of images.
  • Use repetitive patterns in white and black marker, and let your hand guide you.
  • When you finish, gaze at what you did for two minutes and then close your eyes again and let one , a message comes to you.
  • Write it on your spread in big, bold letters.

When you practice meditation art, you will start experiencing true miracles..

I believe that creating with our hands in a special meditative mode, is no less therapeutic then any other form of meditation.


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