A daily joyful art practice that can change your life

Many people ask me where they can learn art journaling for beginners

My honest answer is that it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced in my special journaling method- SoulPages journaling.

If You want to developpe your inner world and learn fun, joyful art techniques on the way, you should learn the SoulPages method with the seven elements.

The seven elements are like tools that help you developpe your inner strength and learn easily how to manifest abundance and joy in your life.

The seven elements are Intention, Magical coincidence, background, color, image, line, and text.


In my book “Layers of meaning- elements of visual journaling,” I’ve written about all the elements. 

In this short article, I want to talk about the importance of a daily practice of just 10 minutes.

I call this practice “7 elements in 10 minutes.”

Its very good to do this exercise in the evening

  • We start with color and background– we draw a shape with watercolors on our journal.-this should take 2 minutes.
  • then we write around the shape of whatever comes to our mind- We give it two minutes. This is the Intention element.
  • We add a collage image to the shape- 1 minute
  • We create lines and mark making- 2 minutes
  • We look at what we did and think of what surprised us. this is the magical coincidence– 2 minutes
  • We write one or a maximum of two words we gained from this process inside the shape-the text element 1 minute.



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