SoulPages is the best journaling method that promotes healing and well-being!

SoulPages is a method based on art journaling techniques, creative writing, visualization, and especially lots of creativity and imagination.


It was proven that daily art practice could change our lives, increase our well-being and create abundance.

Jung discovered the importance of creating art. He was a talented painter and sculptor.

He created mandalas as a healing practice.

Jung was maybe the first person who created art journaling pages!

In the Red book, he painted images he “saw” in his inner journeys.

Around his painting, Jung used to write notes and explanations.


The main healing factor of SoulPages is the positive anchoring!

In our psyche, we have constant battles between positive forces and negative energies.

You can see any person as full of these energetic patterns that balance themselves.

Usually, we can balance ourselves with our positive reservoir of experiences and inner voices. Still, in some cases, we don’t have enough positive inner parts, and we need to activate more parts inside us.


This is the beauty of this method- the idea that you can always use the collective archetype reservoir to activate positive inner parts that can become part of your inner world.


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