Small Gifts of Hope!- I’m a speaker in the Zen Stitching Summit!

Small Gifts of Hope!- I’m a speaker in the Zen Stitching Summit!

Small Gift of Hope- Full Worksheet Free download!!

Hi, my name is Rakefet Hadar. I’m an artist, art therapist and founder of the  Soulpages® method of visual journaling

SoulPages® is a simple, self care, visual journaling method that is built on seven elements and the main idea is that we are connecting with our inner child , our inner artist and our inner visionary. All these parts reside in our unconscious so we learn how to connect with them via the SP process. If you want to read more about the SoulPages® process you can find abundant of knowledge either in my two books or in my site.

The main element is Intention and in this lesson we will work with it to create small talismans that will be like gifts from our unconscious.

The name of today’s lesson is– Small Gifts of hope– In this lesson we will create small talisman that can be used later in our visual journals.

If you want to get the full worksheet,with all the instructions, pls, fill out the form below, and you will get it in the mail soon!!

July personal musings

July personal musings

I know I disappeared in the last few months and only popped in to let you know about classes or training, but I missed talking and sharing what’s in my heart.

So I decided to try a new practice-Personal newsletter that you will get only once a month and will be like a personal blog.  

I hope you will enjoy it!!


A memory that makes me feel good


I remember a situation when I took a vacation at home because I had to stay with my daughter when everyone flew abroad, there were two things I did in the creative space that really pleased and filled me.

I made collage stasches, in the background, I put music that I love, I cut out images from old books and created boxes of collages.

A box of people, a box of animals, a box of nature, can you Imagine how cool it was?

There was also a box of places and a box of texts.

 I arranged tons of materials I have by categories. Then when I wanted to create everything was laid out in front of me.

Another thing that happened on that home vacation was that I studied ink-making techniques from all kinds of ingredients.

I really researched it thoroughly. I opened a gaming lab. I took apart markers and allowed myself to go deeper and have fun without a specific purpose.

The feeling I felt was one of wonderful freedom, I just enjoyed creating just for myself, without an explicit purpose, just being with myself for a moment, with the colors and without wanting to create something that can be shown on Facebook.

Tomorrow I’m flying to Canada and the United States for a whole month, to visit family, spend some time with my husband and also create a diary. I intend to share a lot about my trip, and give recommendations about stores and materials, in the meantime, it took me a long time to pack my art supplies and then I remembered that last year I created a fun Video about my art supplies.

Something I didn’t tell you about my second book


Publishing this book was a difficult inner journey for me.

The first book was successful; I received strong responses and compliments. There was no book about the visual Journal in Israel, and even abroad, it was considered a very innovative and special book. 

But compared to the first book, which was very accessible and simple, the second book is really about healing, it brings up my idea – how you can heal by working with color. It is not as readable and simple as the first book; it is more profound and touches even painful places. 

When I created it, I felt that even though it was not an easy book for me to write, it was very important that I write it and not give up on myself. The writing process was constantly accompanied by this voice that feared that it would not be understood.

And I know that voice inside me; it’s a voice that fears that if I don’t present everything in a very simple way, then people won’t understand. This is a voice from my childhood that felt misunderstood a lot.

On the other hand, I know that healing takes time; it’s a long process to devote yourself to. This book is a profound process in which I can meet with more painful places and make an understanding of my life, who am I? What do I need to be happy?

Even in the branding process I did for the book, Benny Garmi insisted with me that it belongs to the category of art therapy, and it was hard for me to agree to it at first. But eventually, I gave in and agreed to let go of control.

It was important for me to share with you how much the process of creating a book is an emotional journey that continues even after the book is released to the world.

 I hope you enjoyed this newsletter/blog

I enjoyed sharing it with you!

See you next month!

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Discovering the Transformative Benefits of the SoulPages Method

Discovering the Transformative Benefits of the SoulPages Method

In a fast-paced and often chaotic world, finding moments of self-reflection, self-expression, and inner calm becomes essential for our overall well-being. The SoulPages method offers a creative and introspective approach to personal growth and understanding. Combining writing and art, this unique technique empowers individuals to delve into the depths of their souls, fostering self-discovery, healing, and connection. In this article, we will explore the numerous benefits of the SoulPages method and how it can positively impact our lives.

  1. Self-Expression and Emotional Release: The SoulPages method provides a safe and expressive space for individuals to give voice to their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. By combining words, images, symbols, and colors, individuals can communicate and process their innermost feelings in a holistic manner. This creative expression serves as a powerful tool for emotional release, allowing individuals to gain clarity, insight, and a sense of relief.
  2. Self-Reflection and Insight: Engaging in the SoulPages method invites individuals to dive deeper into their own thoughts, beliefs, and values. Through introspective writing and art, individuals can explore their inner landscape, gaining a better understanding of themselves, their desires, and their aspirations. This process of self-reflection promotes personal growth, self-acceptance, and self-awareness, leading to increased confidence and resilience.
  3. Stress Reduction and Mindfulness: The act of creating SoulPages can be a meditative and mindful experience. As individuals engage in the method, they become fully present in the moment, focusing their attention on the art-making process. This immersion in creativity and self-expression serves as a powerful stress-relief technique, allowing individuals to detach from daily worries and concerns, and promoting a sense of calm and tranquility.
  4. Healing and Emotional Well-being: The SoulPages method can serve as a catalyst for healing and emotional well-being. By exploring and expressing their emotions through art and writing, individuals can acknowledge and process unresolved traumas, grief, or difficult life experiences. This cathartic process enables healing and promotes emotional resilience, paving the way for personal growth and a sense of wholeness.
  5. Cultivating Compassion and Empathy: The SoulPages method encourages individuals to explore themes of compassion and empathy, both towards oneself and others. Through the creative process, individuals can tap into their empathetic nature, gaining a deeper understanding of the human experience. By expressing compassion and empathy in their art and writing, individuals develop a greater capacity for kindness, understanding, and connection with others.
  6. Personal Transformation and Empowerment: Engaging in the SoulPages method can be a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment. By embracing their creativity and inner voice, individuals gain a greater sense of agency over their lives. This method provides a platform for personal growth, empowering individuals to step into their authentic selves, make positive changes, and live more fulfilling lives.

Conclusion: The SoulPages method offers a powerful and transformative approach to self-expression, self-reflection, and personal growth. By integrating writing and art, individuals can embark on a journey of exploration and self-discovery, leading to enhanced emotional well-being, healing, and empowerment. Whether used as a therapeutic tool or a means of creative self-expression, the SoulPages method opens doors to new insights, connection, and personal transformation. Embrace the power of the SoulPages method and unlock the hidden depths of your soul.

Seven Secrets of activating your Dreaming child

Seven Secrets of activating your Dreaming child

Seven secrets pop-up replay!

We had an amazing experience meeting with 95 women from all around the world!

So many Dreaming children showed up!

Pls share your art from the class, I can’t wait to see your children!

These are the art supplies that you will need:
watercolor paper/ your art journal
regular paper
Felt markers in two colors
Images of things that you love from magazines
Posca markers
Black writing marker
Any materials that you love.

If you want to learn more about your Dreaming child

You are welcome to sign up for this amazing new Live & Recorded three-week course on August  24.

Color Soul Retrieval Journyes course in %50 during August only!!


SoulPages is a mindful art practice

SoulPages is a mindful art practice

some people will say that mindfulness is the opposite of art creation since you are supposed to delve into just being and not doing.

As I see it- art is a special kind of mindfulness practice.

Art, for me, is not about doing or creating a beautiful piece; it’s about just letting yourself be one with the colors, the materials, the shapes, the words, and your subconscious.

In mindfulness practice, the intention is to feel everything and be aware of everything.

In SoulPages, the mindful artistic method that I developed- the main idea is to observe your inner world through the seven elements of creation.


The seven elements are Intention, Magical coincidence, background, color, image, line, and text.

It’s possible to look at the elements as layers of meaning, in each element, you can discover new things about yourself.

So when you are creating with a concentration on each element at a time- you are practicing mindfulness!!

So many of my students tell me that they feel more peaceful and relaxed after creating every day with the elements. They feel that their perception has changed and they can connect with positive thinking inside.

SoulPages is the best journaling method that promotes healing and well-being!

SoulPages is the best journaling method that promotes healing and well-being!

SoulPages is a method based on art journaling techniques, creative writing, visualization, and especially lots of creativity and imagination.


It was proven that daily art practice could change our lives, increase our well-being and create abundance.

Jung discovered the importance of creating art. He was a talented painter and sculptor.

He created mandalas as a healing practice.

Jung was maybe the first person who created art journaling pages!

In the Red book, he painted images he “saw” in his inner journeys.

Around his painting, Jung used to write notes and explanations.


The main healing factor of SoulPages is the positive anchoring!

In our psyche, we have constant battles between positive forces and negative energies.

You can see any person as full of these energetic patterns that balance themselves.

Usually, we can balance ourselves with our positive reservoir of experiences and inner voices. Still, in some cases, we don’t have enough positive inner parts, and we need to activate more parts inside us.


This is the beauty of this method- the idea that you can always use the collective archetype reservoir to activate positive inner parts that can become part of your inner world.

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