Small Gifts of Hope!- I’m a speaker in the Zen Stitching Summit!

Small Gift of Hope- Full Worksheet Free download!!

Hi, my name is Rakefet Hadar. I’m an artist, art therapist and founder of the  Soulpages® method of visual journaling

SoulPages® is a simple, self care, visual journaling method that is built on seven elements and the main idea is that we are connecting with our inner child , our inner artist and our inner visionary. All these parts reside in our unconscious so we learn how to connect with them via the SP process. If you want to read more about the SoulPages® process you can find abundant of knowledge either in my two books or in my site.

The main element is Intention and in this lesson we will work with it to create small talismans that will be like gifts from our unconscious.

The name of today’s lesson is– Small Gifts of hope– In this lesson we will create small talisman that can be used later in our visual journals.

If you want to get the full worksheet,with all the instructions, pls, fill out the form below, and you will get it in the mail soon!!

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