SoulPages is a mindful art practice

some people will say that mindfulness is the opposite of art creation since you are supposed to delve into just being and not doing.

As I see it- art is a special kind of mindfulness practice.

Art, for me, is not about doing or creating a beautiful piece; it’s about just letting yourself be one with the colors, the materials, the shapes, the words, and your subconscious.

In mindfulness practice, the intention is to feel everything and be aware of everything.

In SoulPages, the mindful artistic method that I developed- the main idea is to observe your inner world through the seven elements of creation.


The seven elements are Intention, Magical coincidence, background, color, image, line, and text.

It’s possible to look at the elements as layers of meaning, in each element, you can discover new things about yourself.

So when you are creating with a concentration on each element at a time- you are practicing mindfulness!!

So many of my students tell me that they feel more peaceful and relaxed after creating every day with the elements. They feel that their perception has changed and they can connect with positive thinking inside.


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