SoulPages Mentor program open event

SoulPages Mentor program open event

SoulPages Mentor free event- replay

I’m so thrilled to invite you to a live Facebook session to learn about next year’s program and share in meditation with me. Attendees will receive an exclusive discount to the next SoulPages Mentor Training.

What does it mean to become a SoulPages mentor?

SoulPages Mentors have discovered how to access internal resources for healing and growth through the SoulPages method. The SoulPages Mentor Training will prepare you to:

  • Create life-changing courses using the tool of the visual journal for personal transformation
  • Use the seven elements of visual journaling to create endless, beautiful processes for art journaling that you can teach to others
  • Use your own life experience as a foundation for teaching others
  • Become your own mentor
  • Grow a deeper connection to your inner dreaming child
  • Be a part of a growing community of soul art seekers
June’s offering- Connect with your magic fairy

June’s offering- Connect with your magic fairy

Summer is almost here and it’s time for a little bit of magic!!

We are all capable of creating magic! we just have to understand how our consciousness works.

We should learn the power of :

  • Our thoughts
  • Our emotions and feelings
  • Our sensations

when we can balance our inner world we can create magic!!


 It’s time to connect with our magic fairy and be open to magic and joy!

This archetype is very fun, happy, and has great energy!

I’m waiting to see your work in the Facebook group!



Visualization party!!

Visualization party!!

May Offering- Connect with Inner Empress archetype!!

This is a very strong maternal archetype that is connected to our patterns of giving and receiving from the others in our lives.

Let’s allow ourselves to connect with this powerful energy and change our patterns of giving and receiving. balance our energy system so we could all feel like the real Empress that we are!!

This is the intuitive work I did after the visualization.
I used my picture over a printed tarot card.

I’m waiting to see your work in the Facebook group!



Color Archetypes- Creating our childhood color maps

Color Archetypes- Creating our childhood color maps

Color Archetypes- Creating our childhood color map!

We started this course with a live event in April 16th.

You can access this for free when you register to the site.

In this event, I shared with you my new method

Color Archetypes

Color archetypes is a spiritual-artistic method to identify and understand the source of energies available to us from the day we were born – core energy, connection energy, and spiritual energy.

These three energies, inherent parts of us, navigate and shape our lives. Understanding them will help us live better, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

When we know and recognize these energies, we can learn to balance them and achieve an energetic state of tranquility, creativity, and happiness. This state touches our higher spirit, or self-archetype.

In this course we will learn to map the energies inside us through the color map, working with archetypes, shamanic meditations, and creating a visual journal.

We will learn about the childhood color energy map, a fascinating process that we can use over and over to heal childhood wounds and transition toward the life that we want to create for ourselves.

Materials that I used in the Live event

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolors
  • White/black pen
  • Glue/scissors
  • Acrylics/posca markers
  •  Images from old books/magazines
  • Any material that you have at home


You can still sign up for the Color Archetype course

This is a recorded course that will be yours to keep forever! 

SoulPages in Tuscany

SoulPages in Tuscany

I wanted to share with you my most memorable moments!!

 I was traveling for a whole week in Toscana and  I felt really blessed for having my visual journal with me.

It was almost like a close friend that helped me to reflect on everything that I saw.

It helped me to slow down and not rush from one activity to the next.

This is a visual summary of my vacation…

For each day I have chosen my most memorable moment.

I hope you enjoy it!


Day 1- Florence & the Ponte Vecchio bridge

That is definitely the most beautiful bridge I ever saw with these small houses all over it.

I couldn’t stop looking at it and imagining how it looked in the old days.

This is what I wrote in my Diary

“Such a full day of Renaissance art from the great masters like Botticelli, Caravaggio, Donatello, Michelangelo and many more…but what I really loved is wandering around this small beautiful city and looking at it from different positions. Sitting in small coffee places and working in my journal. In the Duomo tour I learned that Brunelleschi discovered the concept of perspective, and that is how the Renaissance today my prompt was-we all need to have some “perspective” in our lives”


Day 2-Piazella Michelangelo

The view from Piazella Michaelangelo was really breath taking!

I recommend spending there a few hours of drawing the beautiful scenery. 


Day 3- Pisa

A very busy day of traveling between Florence and Sienna through Pisa and San Gimignano..the word that kept coming to my mind was-proportions..
Here I worked with brochures I got in the streets.


Day 4- Siena

Siena is such a beautiful place that I took maybe 200 photos today.. We climbed the Torre del mangia tower and watched over the crazy streets with so many houses build on each other.


Day 5- Tuscany Villages

Today we changed the atmosphere to  small favorite was Pienza with so many cute places and serene views of green hills and cypress trees. In my house I have 3 of them hanging out in front of my house, so I felt at home.


Day 6- The Tarot Garden

The tarot garden of Niki de saint phases is one of the most beautiful, inspiring and imaginative places I saw!
The artist that created it was inspired by Gaudi’s Parc Guell in Barcelona. She designed and created it in 22 years. Every statue represents one of the tarot of the major arcana ( the 22 steps of the fool’s journey).
As a tarot lover, I had such an amazing time exploring each of them.
The pictures don’t show how amazing this experience was.. it’s a true gem that Niki de Saint Phalle gave us ( She died in 2002 when the garden was completed)
I’m going to try and express it in my journal in the next few days so keep an eye for my next posts about this incredible place!!
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