The Power of Light By Dorothy Mackintosh

The Power of Light By Dorothy Mackintosh


Create your unique illuminated path

Embark on a journey to create and illuminate your unique path, facilitating the discovery of your supports, which include those special people and activities that help you to feel strong and capable.

Life often presents the challenge of uncovering our purpose and living authentically. This involves staying true to ourselves, heeding the call of our hearts, taking occasional risks, venturing beyond our comfort zones, and evolving through our experiences. Equally crucial is cultivating a supportive network of individuals who believe in us, stand by our side, celebrate our successes, and contribute to the realization of our dreams. As we pinpoint these guiding lights along our journey, they will serve as beacons, providing the support and empowerment needed to propel us forward.


  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes, water
  • Paper towel
  • Gesso
  • Markers, paint pens
  • Pen and paper to write
  • Collage images, glue
  • A photo of yourself (around 3.5 x 2.5 inches) and some ribbon or yarn


Seven Secrets of activating your Dreaming child

Seven Secrets of activating your Dreaming child

Seven secrets pop-up replay!

We had an amazing experience meeting with 95 women from all around the world!

So many Dreaming children showed up!

Pls share your art from the class, I can’t wait to see your children!

These are the art supplies that you will need:
watercolor paper/ your art journal
regular paper
Felt markers in two colors
Images of things that you love from magazines
Posca markers
Black writing marker
Any materials that you love.

If you want to learn more about your Dreaming child

You are welcome to sign up for this amazing new Live & Recorded three-week course on August  24.

Color Soul Retrieval Journyes course in %50 during August only!!


June’s offering- Connect with your magic fairy

June’s offering- Connect with your magic fairy

Summer is almost here and it’s time for a little bit of magic!!

We are all capable of creating magic! we just have to understand how our consciousness works.

We should learn the power of :

  • Our thoughts
  • Our emotions and feelings
  • Our sensations

when we can balance our inner world we can create magic!!


 It’s time to connect with our magic fairy and be open to magic and joy!

This archetype is very fun, happy, and has great energy!

I’m waiting to see your work in the Facebook group!



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