Working daily in your collage journal can transform your life!

Keeping a journal is one of the strongest tools to improve and transform your life.

One day, more than 10 years ago, I met with one of my colleagues and she showed me this artistic journal… inside I saw amazing simple collage work.

I was hooked and I ran home and started my own collage journal.


In the beginning, I mostly worked with images from magazines and old scraps but after a while, I started to collect my own collages materials, images that spoke to my heart.


Let me share with you one practice that if you do daily-you will start feeling great changes in your life.

  • Create a background from one or more of the primary colors
  • Glue 3-5 images on different parts of the page
  • connect the images with lines
  • Add more colors to connect the images
  • Look at what you created and give it a “name”, a text that summarizes what you created.
  • Additional idea: ask the picture you created as if it was your inner guide: what is the message that I need to know today?


Working with collage images can help you connect with inner parts or inner archetypes that are hidden from your daily conscious. These parts can be positive important powers that you can activate within yourself.


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