How can an art therapy journal change your life?

As you know I’m a certified art therapist with an MA from Lesley College in Boston.

I started to develop my art journaling method -SoulPages , when I was in my practicum year.

I created with one of my clients, a young mother, an art therapy journal where she could examine her own life and her experiences as a child.

We worked with different materials and we used also meditation techniques to help her relax and dive deep into her memories.

The art that she made can be called- meditation art because it’s an art that results from a meditative state of mind where our subconscious is open and ready to explore different ways of healing.

One of the most exciting moments was when she meditate and I asked her to imagine that she is hugging her child ( she had difficulties touching her children because of her difficult life experience) She started to smile when she meditate on this mental image of her hugging her younger child.

After that, she took a picture of a small girl and she created two big arms that hug her.. she told me- “this is the big hug that I never got from my parents! I feel that when I created this hug, I can start to hug my children..”

In our next session, she told me she started to sit next to her boy before he goes to sleep and hug him.

This is the true power of creating in a visual journal!!


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