Art journaling for beginners- 3 practices to get you started!

The art journaling world is full of possibilities and sometimes you can feel overwhelmed “how can I start?”

In this article I want to suggest 3 simple activities that can kickstart your artistic practice:


Meditation art– you can start by simply listening to meditation or visualizations by different teachers and then letting your hands and heart create what you felt/ saw in your meditation. give it 20-30 minutes and remember that there is no place for the inner critic in this activity!

You can start by listening to one of my visualizations here:


The 7 elements of visual journaling

In my book “Layers of meaning” you can learn all about the 7 elements of creating, This is a very simple way to start working in a journal. the 7 elements are Intention, magical coincidence, background, Image, color, line, and text.

you can start working with one element a day and create intuitive art only with that element.

you can read about the elements here:



A visual poem

choose a poem you like and create a work of art that is a visual translation of the poem. You can print the poem and cut out the lines and glue them over your art.

This piece of art journaling spread I did after a poem that my mother wrote.


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