Why are mixed media techniques so good for you?

When I started visual journaling, I didn’t know what I was doing, I simply enjoyed discovering mixed media techniques on youtube!

I loved the vibrancy, energy, and freedom of these techniques.

I called my first journal- mixed media art journal.

I felt that I wanted to explore materials and techniques without getting into healing and all the deep ideas I incorporated later in my method.


I started with gelly prints, it blew my mind to create all these beautiful patterned paper so easily.

The beauty of the combination of color and pattern was addictive, and I would just sit and practice with the gelly plate for hours.

Then I discovered linoleum prints and produced many patterns of lino cut..


After every sleepless night, I would take what I created and use it in my mixed media art journal. I would cut parts of my lino prints plus a piece of gelly plate print, add an image, use different kinds of colors, and whoops…. something new was created!!


This was when I realized there are different layers to creating meaningful visual journaling.

 I noticed the freedom and happiness I felt when I could use endless possibilities.

I felt like a child in an enormous candy store!

And of course, I bought so many materials! I had to try them all!


Mixed media means you can combine lots of materials and techniques in one piece of art in a meaningful way.

The outcome is not as important as the process you felt when you created it.


In time, I felt more and more the need to use special mixed media materials and techniques to allow for inner growth, and this was the beginning of my path to creating the SoulPages method.


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