How you can improve your life by creating an art diary?

Since I was thirteen, I have written a diary almost daily.

Writing to myself helped me upload some of the difficult feelings I felt, It helped me feel less lonely when my parents divorced.

 It also helped me realize how important self-exploration is.

I continued to write in notebooks and later on my computer, but I stopped around my late thirties.

I lost the magic of writing to myself, the words were not enough to express what I felt.

And then, at the age of 45, I discovered the visual journal, and I felt that my life changed in ways I couldn’t even begin to realize.

I met with one of my friends, and she showed me a notebook that looked like a diary.

This is a visual art diary, she said.

I was hooked!

Inside her visual art diary I saw amazing doodling, images, words,

I felt she could take all the content of her subconscious and just poor it into this amazing notbook.


This was the day that changed my life- I went home and made my first visual journal; this was the name that I decided to give this amazing practice.

I never stopped creating since and I wish I never will!


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