Extracting the gold of childhood trauma

Like many people around me, I also experienced traumatic events in my childhood and adolescence.

It took me years to realize that I’m not different or special; we all experience traumatic moments in our childhood, some more than others. but still, we all have our share of sad and difficult events that are part of us.

When I was 40 after I lost my pregnancy in week 17, I sank into 18 months of depression, and I started to feel obsessed with discovering how can I heal my inner wounds.

I understood that my depression was connected to these past traumatic experiences.

 I knew that I had to befriend all my inner “Demons”

I learned that the trauma is what happened to me and what brought me so far, and the fact that I overcame it shows the resilience and abilities that I possess.


I began my healing when I started to create mindful art pieces, small spreads in my visual journal that captured something of my childhood.

I decided to let the trauma that I experienced be the background of my paintings and writing.

For months I would write on the page and then cover it with my favorite colors and beautiful images.

In that way, I didn’t hide or ignore the trauma, I accepted it as an important part of my growth as a person.


Allowing myself these mindful art moments helped me connect with the healthy parts of my soul, these lighter, happy, joyous, strong, and resilient parts.

I can’t change the past, but I believe that each of us can extract the “gold” out of his/hers childhood experiences and pass it on to others.


This is why I decided to create the SoulCircle community- so we can all learn from each other and we could acknowledge each other’s wounds, not from a pitiful point of you, but instead from an admiring, respectful gaze that says- you are so brave!! 


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