Spring is coming and it’s time for traveling with my visual art diary

I love traveling, this is the best time for me to work on my Visual journal.

Next week I’m flying with my Husband to Italy and I would love it if you joined me on my visual explorations of Florence and Sienna.

When I travel I feel so free to just create.

I take a very small bag of supplies and my small sketchbook and I try to create every day something small that will summarize my day.

I use brochures I find, ephemera I collect, and usually, I just allow myself to sketch the energy that I feel in any particular place I visit.

Every day I let myself enough time to sit in a nice coffee place and work on a visual summary of the day before. Sometimes I even do it twice a day when I’m super excited.

This way I let myself absorb all the beauty that I saw and “make” it my own..

I noticed that when I’m reflecting in my visual art diary I enjoy it more and my memories of the vacation are clearer and happier.https://soul-pages.com/blog/ 


So what do you actually need when you travel? 

I take with me: 

My travel visual journal

An extra small size watercolor block

Tombow markers

Permanent black Liners

Posca markers

Jel pens

Metallic pen

washi tape

Daniel smith small box of favorite watercolors


Small glue

I pick up brochures and journals images as I go.


You can read about my travels and see a video of my materials bag in my blog


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