SoulPages method of art journaling

SoulPages is an amazing art journaling method that involves self-help techniques and mindful art processes.

SoulPages method can help you heal and transform your life with only seven simple elements:


Magical coincidence




color and text

When you learn how to use the seven elements you can create beautiful combinations of Soul Pages… journal pages that touches your soul.

Intention and magical coincidence are the most important elements. They are like the father and mother of the other five visual elements.

In this short article I will explain in short about all the elements:

Intention-Every spread of the journal starts with Intention or desire to express something. Sometimes, the intention is clear to us right at the start, and sometimes we start creating intuitively and discover the intention deep into the process.

Magical Coincidence- is probably the most loved element. To feel a sense of freedom and inner passion as you create in your journal, you have to love and accept the surprise that magical coincidence offers. Looking at the world through the eyes of a child lets us discover wondrous ways of creating, ways that we wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

Background- every art journaling spread start from the background. This is the first step we make. It can be a scribble, a writing exercise, a blot of color…everything we want to start with and express ourselves.

Image- In SoulPages we use the language of inner parts or inner images. to explore ourselves..Images are symbols that allow us to go deeper into our inner world, we use images from magazines, books, etc to represent inner parts.

Line- the line element connects the different parts of the artwork into one coherent story. there are lots of line exercises that we can learn, we use doodling, mark making, and simple drawing exercises.

Color- color is so important! it creates a mental atmosphere, it adds emotions to the story that we are creating.

Text- the element of text give us context and combine all the elements into one insightful process!

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