SoulPages, art journaling, and meditation art

Art journaling is a well-known self-help practice, but recently we hear a lot about the term- meditation art, what does it mean?


Meditation art is an art activity that slows up the mind and creates quietness. When we are creating without thinking about the visual result, we are not bothered about the outcome, we just let our hands do what they want to do- then we are meditating through art.


 SoulPages is an art journaling method that incorporates special meditating techniques.

We use the seven elements to create meditative peaceful states that are very healing.

For example, the technique of “painting with paper” is an artistic way to paint an inner image with small colorful pieces that we tear and glue. The process starts to be very meditative and healing and also metaphorically we tear something and then we glue it to create something new..


In this work, you can see how I created a tree out of small paper tears, this tree became a symbol of transformation and healing.

If you invest only 15 minutes a day in a meditative art practice I promise you that you will feel an immediate improvement in your life. You will feel more vibrant and creative!


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