Light Me Up!

A FREE art challenge and giveaway event to help you celebrate the holidays

Join us for a beautiful, light-filled adventure

Would you like to take part in an inspiring FREE SoulPages™ event in the spirit of the holidays?

About Light Me Up

December ushers us into a celebration of Light with festivities worldwide, in multiple cultures. Christmas lights, Hanuka candles, the Kwanzaa kinara, etc. all invite us to explore a deeper meaning to life.

SoulCircle would love to celebrate with you by offering free tutorials, great giveaways and a special live event.

Three amazing new tutorials for FREE!

You will receive three daily emails, each with a 20-30 minute video guiding you through artistic prompts to help you create a light-themed, joyful, and meaningful piece of art.

A LIVE creative celebration!

On Saturday, December 10, we will have our free, live Light Me Up Zoom event when you will get to meet the guiding teachers of SoulCircle 2023 Wheel of Time and hear us announce our 3 raffle winners of a full place in the Wheel of Time course!!

Wait…did we say raffle?

We are going to give a few presents to every one that shares our Light Me Up celebration link in their private Facebook /Instagram with an  invitation for more people to join us!!


light me up

A sample of one of the fun tutorials you will get in the Light Me Up celebration, by Pam Hausner

Would you also like to win special prizes simply by sharing the Light Me Up event info with your friends and posting your inspired art?

  1. Share the link to this page as an original post with a short recommendation in your Facebook/ Instagram
  2. Send us a screen shot of your share to our email:

You immediately get the entire Light Me Up bundle for life—a $69 value, free just for sharing!

And….you will automatically be entered in our giveaway with the chance to win an entire year of Wheel of Time for free!

If one of your friends (new to SoulCircle) also joins the Wheel of Time full year course, you will BOTH receive our new, amazing course:

“7 Ways to Bind Your SoulPages™ Journals”

Worth $129!

Isn’t that great? So many ways to win cool prizes that will light up your inspiration!


Join the “light me up” celebration + giveaway

You could start creating today!

Light Me Up Celebration Schedule

After you sign up you will get three, daily consecutive special video tutorials that will be available until our live celebration on Dec 10

You are encouraged to share your art in our Facebook community.

Share this page in your Insta/Facebook and you will get the full Light Me Up bundle course for life!!

Each time you share, you will increase your chances to win a FREE annual membership to SoulCircle 2023: The Wheel of Time

Join us on Saturday Dec 10 for the free Light Me Up event.

Create with us in this live event, and meet the guiding teachers for SoulCircle 2023. We will announce the raffle winners at the end of this event!

20:00 Israel time
1:00 p.m. Eastern
10:00 a.m. Pacific

Would you like to part of SoulCircle, our SoulPages™ women community?

SoulCircle is a one-of-a-kind, women’s artistic community—and we think it’s the best!

About the SoulPages™ method

Eight years ago, I discovered the visual journal and it changed my life. It brought me so much joy and reconnected me to a well of creativity that had been waiting to be released.

I developed the Soul Pages™ method to help as many people as possible encounter the power of creation, and to reconnect with their passion, joy and healing strengths.

The SoulPages™ is built upon seven simple elements: Intention, Magical Coincidence, Background, Image, Color, Line, and Text.

I teach my method in different ways: through trips I organize, online courses, and face-to-face workshops. I’ve also published the book Layers of Meaning, which consolidates all my knowledge, numerous practical exercises, and pieces from my own private journals.

In 2022, Pam Hausner and Iris Gal joined with me to create the SoulCircle community—a gathering of women from all over the world!

Our next adventurous season is The Wheel of Time. Read more about it here.


If you have already signed up to the Wheel of Time, you can get more presents with this offer….



Bring a friend that also signs up to the Wheel of Time, and you both get these two amazing special courses for free! (worth $179)



Learning From Dandelions lesson

*After you and your friend have both signed up, send an email to with both your names and the courses will be added to your profiles.

Light Me Up Giveaway!

Win the "Seven Ways to Bind Your SoulPages™ Journals" course when you bring a friend that signs up, too!

Every one who shares wins the "Light me up" bundle for life

To join the “light me up” celebration+ giveaway, sign up

You could start creating today!

To join the “light me up” celebration+ giveaway, sign up

You could start creating today!

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