SoulPages journaling is the most fun and healing activity you will ever do

SoulPages is a Visual journaling method developed by Rakefet Hadar in 2015.

SoulPages is a powerful tool that allows you to connect to a place of transformation and healing, using various mixed media techniques within a personal journal.

Working within the visual journal under the gentle guidance of a facilitator enables processes of growth, healing, and ignition of the joy and passion of life.

SoulPages values

  •         Playfulness. Playfulness improves relationships and our connection to others. It relieves stress and leads to creative thinking and smarter decisions. Through the relaxation and pleasure of playfulness, we have the unique opportunity to exercise both the analytical and creative aspects of our minds.
  •         Imagination. Imagination influences everything we do, think about and create. By loosening the grip of perceived obstacles, imagination allows us to open to what may be possible through innovation and a shift in perspective.
  •         Creativity. Creativity has an amazing power to provide renewed enthusiasm and energy, even in difficult circumstances.  Creativity helps us to discover new experiences, gain insight, and build resilience in all areas of life. When creativity is encouraged in group settings, we enjoy a deeper connection with each other.
  •         Connection. Connection to ourselves allows us to understand better who we really are, what we are feeling, and what we need. This place of awareness then allows us to build friendships and healthy social connections essential for wellbeing, empathy, and personal health.
  •         Friendship. Friendship is based on mutual respect, honoring our differences, and opening to the value inherent in each other. Through friendship, we come alongside each other to support one another in our journey toward belonging, purpose, happiness, and sense of self-worth.
  •         Joy. Joy arises when we are being our very best selves and have a sense of safety, community, and purpose. Joy helps us to look to the future with hope, clarity, and confidence.



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