How can helping others can heal you?- SoulPages might be the answer

In one of the most difficult periods of my life, I found the visual journal and it helped me find my own inner guidance. It was after my mother died and I dealt with grief and shame.


In the beginning, I called my journal- an artistic Journal because it was all about expressing my feeling in an artistic way… I just enjoyed the visual effect of playing with different mixed media techniques.

But after a few months, I started to feel that what I create in my journal can be described as meditation art.

I would meditate on a subject, visualize it and then I would start work in my visual journal. I felt that the meditation continued even when I opened my eyes and started to create.

Every week I felt better, I felt that I can heal myself.

But… the most amazing healing started when I started to teach others.


I knew that I discovered something special and I decided to try and create lessons for others.

I developed SoulPages method I thought it for a few years. My student wanted more and more lessons and I started to feel that when I’m teaching others- I’m also healing myself.

Very soon I noticed that all my students also wanted to teach others..

This was the time when I developed the Mentor program- I understood that collective healing is so important!


I started to teach the Mentor course 8 years ago and since then I feel that when I create lessons that are coming from my inner soul, lessons that are created with my knowledge- I managed to help others and heal them-and the fact that I’m an agent of healing- help me maintain my mental health.


So if you want to heal yourself through healing others you should consider the SoulPages Mentor program. You can read more here:


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