A mindful art therapy journal is the first stage toward healing your childhood wounds

You can start an art therapy journal even if you are not working with a certified therapist.

In the SoulPages method, I use mindful art techniques that are very therapeutic and can help us overcome some of our childhood wounds.


Art therapy is a modality of healing that was developed originally by artists that knew how much working with materials in a loose, nonjudgmental way- can be healing to your soul.


I started to developpe the SoulPages method when I was in my last year of art therapy certificate. I was looking for a way to heal my inner wounds and my connection with my parents.

I started working on an altered book that I made from scratch, I only used the cover of the book and saw in new pages… I wrote on one side all my feelings and on the other side I allow myself to paint, glue, draw and basically just play with materials..

 It took a few months until I realise how strong this work was.

I started to feel compassion for my mother, I started to feel that I have more power and energy to do the daily activities.


I can truly say that this practice changed my life and helped me heal some deep inner wounds in a fun creative way and without the need to go to a certified therapist.


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