Layers of Meaning-The Book as a transformative force 

Last week we had a zoom live event to celebrate my book published in the US.

In this event, I shared with you my journey in the last eight years, since I started developing my method- SoulPages.

And how writing the book was a transformative force that helped me create my path.

we talked about the seven elements and I demonstrated a full process of activating the dreaming child within.

The Dreaming child archetype

One of the basic concepts I talk about in my book is The Dreaming Child.

It is pure childlike energy that exists within us, it is familiar with our unconscious mind, with all the inner landscapes and all the treasures we have yet to unearth.

The Dreaming Child is ready at any moment to go on a journey of discovery and investigation, with a fresh perspective, always seeing the world as if for the first time

Connecting with this archetype will bring joy and passion to your life.

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