SoulPages Mentor free event- replay

I’m so thrilled to invite you to a live Facebook session to learn about next year’s program and share in meditation with me. Attendees will receive an exclusive discount to the next SoulPages Mentor Training.

What does it mean to become a SoulPages mentor?

SoulPages Mentors have discovered how to access internal resources for healing and growth through the SoulPages method. The SoulPages Mentor Training will prepare you to:

  • Create life-changing courses using the tool of the visual journal for personal transformation
  • Use the seven elements of visual journaling to create endless, beautiful processes for art journaling that you can teach to others
  • Use your own life experience as a foundation for teaching others
  • Become your own mentor
  • Grow a deeper connection to your inner dreaming child
  • Be a part of a growing community of soul art seekers
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