Do you want to join me in packing my Visual Journal traveling kit?

I love to go on vacation, visit new places and then express what I feel in my Visual Journal.

I haven’t been to Florence since I was 13, so 40 years ago…
I think this was the age when I started drawing.

That was my Bat-Mitzvah present, a tour around Europe with my grandparents and I felt overwhelmed!

It was the first time I left Israel and everything looked so beautiful and different!

This time I will have my Visual Journal to express what I see and feel.

So what do you actually need when you travel? 

I take with me: 

My travel visual journal

An extra small size watercolor block

Tombow markers

Permanent black Liners

Posca markers

Jel pens

Metallic pen

washi tape

Daniel smith small box of favorite watercolors


Small glue

I pick up brochures and journals images as I go.

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