Color Archetype and the theory of soul energy

There are many theories that link our complex soul to theories of color.

Our aura colors, chakra colors, Native American color wheel and more are all an attempt to express the richness and complexity of our soul.

Our soul is like a beautiful diamond which is made up of several components, these components can be called energies and any such energy can be seen in a particular color so that we can understand how these energies work together to allow our soul to be expressed in the world.

The three energies that make up our soul are the core energy, the other energy, and the spiritual energy.

In Color Archetypes, I chose to use the language of colors to describe the energies that make up our souls.

The three basic colors – red, blue, yellow – make up all the colors in the universe, and respectively – the three basic energies of the soul can create an infinity of possibilities in our lives.

To express the energies of the soul – I chose to attach one basic color to each energy. The uniqueness of the “Color Archetypes” method compared to other methods of color healing is the ability of each one to arrange for himself the color map according to his intuitive and personal connection to the primary colors.



Creating our first color map

We are going to create a personal color map that is based on our current situation in life.

But before we start, I want to explain, In short, my theory about energies and color.

As you all know and feel, our world is composed of energies..

Feelings are energies

Actions are energies.

Connections with others have energies.

Through shamanic studies,  I discovered that there are three main energy modes

The core energy mode

 The other energy mode

The spiritual energy mode  

Every day we move from one mode of energy to the others- lots of times every day.

We feel a special kind of energy when we are with our family or friends, interacting, talking..this is the other energy mode.

And then we are on our own, thinking, creating, listening to music, etc.. this is the core energy.

Finally, when we meditate or walk in nature, we can access the spiritual energy, which is a different light energy.

Some people feel it when they are connecting with art or literature, some when praying to god…but everyone has a spiritual side, even if you are not religious.

You probably ask- what is the connection between energies and colors? Good question!

Our subconscious translates energies to colors.

Our subconscious feels with colors..

What is especially beautiful about colors is that they have energy in them, each color affects us, but we are not quite sure how; we feel something when we see colors.

So now we are going to create our first map of color/energies.



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