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Video Production & Editing Art Based lessons

About the course

Creating and editinע video lessons for online purposes is such an important tool to get you started on your path of being a known artist/ Instructer/ Facilitator.

In this course I will teach you all my secrets of video production & editing tools.

You will film your own lesson and edit it.

I will go over your final lesson and give you important feedback!

Lesson 1:Filming

Part 1: Introduction to Video Production 

  • Overview of video production specifically for Art based lessons
  • Understanding the importance of video in online teaching and learning
  • Exploring the basic elements of a compelling video lesson

Part 2: Planning and Pre-production 

  • Defining the goals and objectives of your  lesson
  • Identifying the target audience and their needs
  • Storyboarding and scripting your video lesson
  • Equipment and technical considerations for recording
  • Tips for creating an engaging and professional-looking setup

Part: Filming Techniques and Best Practices 

  • Camera setup and composition
  • Lighting techniques for optimal video quality
  • Audio setup and microphone selection
  • Practical demonstrations and hands-on practice
  • Troubleshooting common filming issues

Lesson 2:Editing

Part 4: Video Editing Software and Workflow 

  • Introduction to video editing software- especially Filmora
  • Navigating the user interface and basic editing tools
  • Importing and organizing footage
  • Editing essentials: trimming, cutting, and rearranging clips
  • Adding text, titles, and more

Part 5: Enhancing Your Video Lesson (1.5 hours)

  • Using transitions and effects creatively
  • Incorporating music and sound effects
  • Exporting and saving your final video lesson

Homework: Editing your first lesson in 2-5 parts

Lesson 3-Pacaging

Part 6: Peer Review and Feedback (1 hour)

  • Sharing and screening participants’ video lessons
  • Providing constructive feedback on content, delivery, and technical aspects
  • Storing and presenting your courses-different ways of creating a video library.

Benefits of taking this course:

  • You will be able to participate with your lessons on the SoulCircle platform
  • You could start teaching on line with a very affordable easy way that could create an audience for your future classes.
  • Most courses cost so much more $ and this is my own easy and affordable way of creating video content that is focused in creating Art based lessons.



Course Sale Price: 245$

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When, where and how much?

All lesson are recorded and your for life!

The course was recprded with live audienced and the price now is rduce to Half!!( was $490)

You could send Rakefet your final products for feedback two months after rejistration.

What equipment you would need?

Logitech camera either c922/Logitech stream.

Overhead arm to film your lessons

Lighting ring

Install Filmore software (around $ 70, they also have a free version with water mark so you can start with that)

Install Logi capture software (free)

Zoom installed

Canva installed ( we could use the free option)


Special Price: $245 with life time access

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After you pay the course will be your for ever.

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