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Learning from the Dandelion

About this course

Nature has been evolving and adapting over vast amounts of geological time and in the process, has developed wisdom that we can apply to our human lives.

In this short course, we look to the simple dandelion for guidance on protecting and nourishing ourselves for greater personal joy and well-being. Understanding and creating boundaries based on self-compassion better equips us for meaningful work and healthy relationships.

Why self-compassion?

With self-compassion, we give ourselves the same kindness and care that we would give to a friend. Too often, our lives are so filled with work and caring for others that we fail to tend to our own needs. This can show up not only in how we use our time but also in our words and actions. We forget to be supportive and understanding of our own needs, instead ignoring our pain or beating ourselves up with self-criticism.

In the class, we will relax into an open, creative space where we can better listen to what our inner self needs in order to live and work from a place of joy and strength.


What do you get?

1 self-paced video lesson that includes:

  • A guided meditation that you can return to as often as you need
  • Support in identifying your current needs (these can change!)
  • A non-judgmental approach to what may be preventing you from inner joy and peace
  • Soothing practice using the neurographic art technique
  • A visual method that helps integrate your heart whispers with your cognitive mind for better emotional health and mental clarity
Learning From Dandelions

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Materials we will need

  • Sketchbook, drawing paper, or watercolor paper
  • Waterproof black pen or marker
  • Watercolors, colored pencils, markers, crayons, acrylics, et. (Choose your favorite art medium.)

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Course Content

Course Content

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