Visualization party!!

May Offering- Connect with Inner Empress archetype!!

This is a very strong maternal archetype that is connected to our patterns of giving and receiving from the others in our lives.

Let’s allow ourselves to connect with this powerful energy and change our patterns of giving and receiving. balance our energy system so we could all feel like the real Empress that we are!!

This is the intuitive work I did after the visualization.
I used my picture over a printed tarot card.

I’m waiting to see your work in the Facebook group!




  1. Veena Baker

    Thank you for this prompt. My inner empress has been talking to me and this is just what I know I need to be sitting with and expressing.

    • Veena Baker

      I revisited this visualization today and was able to allow the Empress to be more available to me. I feel like my own inner empress is now active in my life. Thank you!

      • רקפת הדר

        I’m so happy you hear it!

  2. Veronica

    I just listened twice…going now to draw. “Empress” is such a good word. Heartfelt thanks.

  3. Linda

    I am not sure why your words always bring so much emotion in me and a tear to my eyes. I received your book yesterday for my birthday. Somehow I resonate with your words. Thank you for coming into my life.

    • רקפת הדר

      Thank you so much!
      Its so important for me to hear these words.. Happy birthday!


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