SoulCircle Community Presents:

A Free Live Event

Spring Celebration: Flying with Birds


Sunday, March 19

20:00 Israel
11:00 a.m. PDT (LA time zone)

*There will be a replay for everyone who signs up!

What will you get at our free live event ?

When the earth is at the equinox, each part is equally illuminated. Can we also personally hold such a balance? In SoulCircle, we will examine how new birth in nature affects our inner self. How can we cultivate Spring in our souls?

We all love springtime. Everything is blooming, inviting our senses to join the great celebration of new life through vibrant colors and alluring scents while nature wakens from her hibernation. The time for our awakening has also come. 

This season at SoulCircle, we will explore archetypes of growth to fill ourselves with light, joy, creativity, and awe of nature. We will celebrate with cool mixed media techniques that connect us to nature using leaves, tree bark, branches, and garden flowers in our journals, knowing our imagination is also a source of eternal Spring.

In this free event, you will meet the teachers of SoulCircle ( Rakefet, Pam & Iris) and create a beautiful, small journal with Rakefet!

We will tell you all about our Wheel of Time course and you will experience the power of visualization and creation in the visual journal.
We will make a mini journal that is all about flying with birds, a symbol of changes and opportunities

This is going to be a beautiful spring celebration!

When & Where?

Sunday, March 19, 2023

10:00 a.m. PDT
20:00 p.m. Israel time


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The event will be held live on Zoom.

*There will be a replay for everyone who signs up!


We will make a mini journal that is all about flying with birds, a symbol of changes and opportunities
Materials we will use ( you can use whatever you have at home)

2 pages of watercolors or a journal
Watercolors, brush, water
Thread and needle
Scraps of colorful and B&W text from magazines, books
Images that you love
Glue, scissors
Posca markers
Pilot/ black pen

About me

Eight years ago, I discovered the Visual Journal and it changed my life. It brought me so much joy and reconnected me to a well of creativity that had been waiting to be revealed.

I developed the “Soul Pages” method to help as many people as possible encounter the power of creation, to reconnect with their passion, joy and healing strengths.

My method is built upon seven simple elements: Intention, Magical Coincidence, Background, Image, Color, Line, and Text.

I teach my method in different ways: through trips I organize, online courses, and face-to-face workshops. I’ve also published the book Layers of Meaning, which consolidates all my knowledge, numerous practical exercises, and pieces from my own private journal.

I invite you to join me on a journey in the visual journal!


The Visual Journal

A visual journal is a powerful tool that connects us to a place of healing and transformation. It helps us self-educate about different materials and work with a variety of mixed media techniques—all in the format of a journal.

The binding of the journal, the work inside it thereafter, and the gentle guidance of a trustworthy instructor allow us to go through processes of growth and healing, and can even light up a spark of joy and passion.

I developed the SoulPages™ method to help you reconnect with parts of you that dream and reinvigorate the parts of you that hold joy.

Join one of my digital courses, facilitator course, or my blog. We’ll set out on a journey in the magical world of visual journaling.


What is visual journaling for me

To join the free live event  please fill in your details to receive all the info for the Facebook/Zoom event.

*There will be a replay for everyone who signs-up!

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