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What is happening now and how we move on?

At this moment you have received to the mailbox with which you have registered a number of emails from me.

If you have already subscribed to my mailing list, the following section does not apply to you

In one email you will find a clickable link that asks you for approval to join my mailing list so that I can continue to send you regular benefits and updates regarding the site and new courses that are coming up.
All you have to do is simply click on the link in the email

If you are already subscribed to my mailing list – then this part does not concern you and this email will probably not arrive

If you have previously purchased one of my courses with the same email address where you purchased the current course – the next section does not apply to you, and you can log in to your account and view the new content you have just purchased with the same existing login information.

In another email, you will find all the details required for secure and smooth access to the content you have purchased.
This information includes your username (which is actually the email you signed up for) as well as a temporary login password that you can change and change to a password that is convenient for you and you can easily remember. (You can, of course, continue to use with the generic password provided to you without any problem)

Please keep these details in a safe and accessible place as you will need them when you enter the site in the future!
These details are personal and non-transferable.
Please respect that. Thanks.

After logging in to the site with your password and username –
You will be taken directly to your personal account page where all the courses associated with you are organized.

In another email, you will receive you will find all the details related to the order you placed and what its status is.

And a separate email with an invoice for this purchase.

So, go ahead – go now to your email, and from there to a new creative world 🙂



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