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SoulPages™ School

SoulPages™ Facilitator Training (23-24)

Tuesdays 08.00 a.m. PST

(LA Time GMT-8 )

The course starts on October 17th, 2023

A mindful art therapy journal is the first stage toward healing your childhood wounds


Introducing SoulPages™: A Transformative Journey of Healing and Creative Expression

Experience the profound impact of SoulPages™, an empowering tool that connects individuals to a realm of transformation and healing. Through a captivating blend of mixed media techniques and personal journaling, SoulPages™ opens doors to growth, self-discovery, and the reigniting of joy and passion in life.

I am truly honored to announce the launch of the 3rd International Facilitator Training in my renowned method of “SoulPages™ Journaling.” This remarkable online course spans 20 immersive lessons, delivered over a period of 5 months, offering you an opportunity to embark on a journey that will not only transform your own life but empower you to spread the magic of SoulPages™ around the globe.

By joining this training, you become an integral part of a global movement dedicated to spreading the healing power of SoulPages™. Our vision is to empower individuals worldwide with the tools and techniques needed to embark on their personal journey of transformation, self-expression, and profound healing.

Throughout the course, you will receive expert guidance and mentorship, enabling you to navigate the depths of your creative potential and unlock the transformative power within. Embrace this unique opportunity to become a certified “SoulPages™ Facilitator,” equipped with the skills to lead groups and work with private clients upon completion of the program.

Join our mission to touch lives and make a difference! By spreading SoulPages™ into the world, you become an agent of positive change, empowering individuals to embrace their authenticity, heal deep wounds, and experience the joy of creative self-expression.

Secure your place now in this life-changing program and be a part of the global movement that is transforming lives through SoulPages™. Enroll and embark on your journey of self-discovery, healing, and creative empowerment.

Together, let’s unlock the transformative power of SoulPages™ and inspire individuals worldwide to embark on a path of profound healing, self-expression, and personal growth.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Rakefet Hadar, Founder of SoulPages™

SoulPages Facilitator Training open event replay

Where and How?

  • This course will take place online with the Zoom platform
  • from October -March .
  • We will meet every Tuesday for a live session (18.00pm Jerusalem time)
  • All the lessons will be recorded and uploaded to the course content up to 24 hours later.
  • A close Facebook group where you can share your class work and get the attention and ideas of your peers class


what will you get?

  • 20 Live sessions on zoom with Rakefet Hadar , Tuesdays at 18.00 pm Israel time
  • all the lessons are recorded and and will be available for you to watch when you want.
  • 7 recorded book-binding lessons
  • 1-2 Private meetings with Rakefet during the program.
  • Five monthly meetings with your small peer group and a SoulPages Mentor where you could practice teaching.
  • 4 Modules of endless techniques, materials and inspiration.
  • Revolutionary method of working with seven simple elements that create healing and transformation.
  • You will hand-bind 3 different journals and learn how to work in altered books.
  • You will become a SoulPages Facilitator and could guide other people in their creative journey.
  • Two full SoulPages courses with all the templates to start teaching when the course finishes.
  • A live marketing course that will help you get started!!
  • A free additional online course- Memory Pockets!!! Available on registering so you can start creating!!
  • Bonus- seven lessons binding course!!

What else?

  • At the end of the course, you will get a certificate of SoulPages Facilitator and you will be added to my site and recommended by me as a teacher in your own country or via zoom worldwide.
  • Until now I have trained than 200 SoulPages Mentors and most of them are working with groups and individuals in Israel and worldwide.
  • This course is a transformational, life-changing course… so you don’t have to become a full-time Mentor. You will acquire so many important tools in this journey.
  • Attendance to the live zoom is important but not mandatory, It does contribute to your training.
  • Transformation is promised!!

What is the Visual Journal?

The Visual Journal is a powerful tool that connects to a place of healing and transformation, that helps us self-educate about different materials and work with a variety of techniques of mixed media – all in the format of a journal.

The Binding of the Journal, the work inside it thereafter, the gentle guidance of a trustworthy instructor – allow us to go through processes of growth and healing, and even light up a spark of joy and passion.

I developed the “SoulPages” Method to let you reconnect with parts of you that dream and fulfill, parts of you that are joyous.

The SoulPages staff

Rakefet Hadar

Artist, art therapist and writer 

Rakefet is an art therapist and writer. Rakefet developed the SoulPages™ method and the “Color Archetypes” method.

She published the book Layers of Meaning which sold thousands of copies in Israel and around the world.

Rakefet manages the SoulPages™ school for creative visual journaling and she certified mentors in the Soulpages™ method.

Iris Gal

Facilitates mentor training in Israel

I love to explore the connection between spirit and matter. For me, Soulpages became a powerful tool of expression and self-healing.

Through the connection to creation, passion, curiosity, and joy, I accompany myself and others into transformation and development.

Pam Hausner

Artist, meditation teacher

Pam is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher that integrates mindfulness with creative experiences using mixed media for visually accessing personal insight.

A graduate of Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield’s Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program and their Mindfulness Mentor Training Program. Pam is also certified as a SoulPages™ Mentor.

Daniella Sarig

Artist, SoulPages Trainer and Facilitator

Daniella is a certified SoulPages trainer and she focuses on Marketing strategies and ways of helping graduate find their true calling.

Daniella is a thriving artist in mixed media. She participated in numerous exhibitions and she loves to cooperate and work with different communities.

Price and terms of the agreement

SoulPages™ Facilitator course is a professional training program that requires a sincere five-month commitment and investment.  Space is highly limited so it’s advisable to keep your space now!

The full program cost this year only

$2580 (Value of $5350)


Until August 30th there is an early bird price of $2480 only!

The course has limited spaces so hurry and register today!


What will you get?

20 Live session on zoom with Rakefet Hadar or the SoulPages school staff

Two Private meetings with Rakefet or the school staff to help you during the course.

"Meet your inner Artist" course template to start teaching Immediately.

"Voice Dialogue" Technique course template !! with all the materials! So You could immediately start working with private clients and groups

Bonus 1-"memory Pockets" recorded course that you could start today!

Bonus 2 !! Journal binding course with seven different options to bind your journals.

Five monthly small peer group meetings with one of the SoulPages Mentors


academic hours


*Your unrefundble Deposit is $680 only, and the rest can be paid in two payments in August and September.

$150 additional discount if you prefer to pay in 1 installment

Only $2330

until August 30th!!

( Worth $5350)

you can not enjoy the course content until you purchase the course
After you pay the course will be yours forever.

Syllabus of the program

Module 1

Meet your Inner artist

In these  Module the student will get familiar with the building block of visual journaling- the 7 elements, through working with very powerful inner work and activating the archetype of the Inner Artist.

This is the first course that you could teach after graduation. you will get all the templates so you could immediately start after graduation.

Module 2

Voice Dialogue Technique

In this module, we will learn about our inner parts. We all have the inner child, the good mother, the critic and many more inner Archetypes and symbols that create an inner Family or Comunity.

We will concentrate on the revolutionary Voice Dialogue technique that was created by Hal & Sidra Stone and incorporate creative art processes.

Module 3

The facilitator & The group

In this module, we will learn different theories of facilitating groups.

We will learn in a fun creative way- with short exercises, with family constellations and more.

We will get to know our strengths and how can we deal with difficult situations.

We will learn how to create a nourishing space for others.


  Module 4

Diamond Mine

In this module we will dive in to discover all your strengths and learn how to create endless amazing processes that will influence others to grow and transform.

You will end this module with a plan of a Flag workshop that you could teach Immediately.

How can I decide if I want to become a SoulPages™ Facilitator?

The SoulPages™ Mentor training is designed as a transformational course for acquiring tools of helping yourself, other individuals and small groups.

If you want to learn more about my method feel free to join one of my online courses, the HomeBook or Color Archetypes.

The SoulPages™ course will include limited spaces.

Feel free to email me with any questions

*If you are from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, or Asia and prefer a course that will suit your time zone, please email me. 

If there will be a demand, we will open another course in hours that are more convenient for you.


If you are not sure and you want to talk with me

Please use the Whatsapp sign on the left of the screen and leave me a messageWe could make up a private appointment to talk!

you can also email me at rakefetlink@gmail,com

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