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The seven secrets of activating our dreaming child

 About this course

“I’m not good enough”

“I could never do it, it’s too hard for me”

“I’m just not creative enough!”

These are sentences that we all say to ourselves on a daily basis.

But guess what…these sentences are not real! these are just rooted thoughts that your inner critic sends you as a regular routine.

We all heard that in order to change our life-we need to get rid of destructive beliefs that we have about ourselves.

we have to go through a painful process of dealing with our inner critic and letting go of these negative feelings.

But what if I told you there is a sweeter, joyful way to feel better, to be more secure, productive, and happier in our daily life?

I went through years of therapy, soul searching, and blaming my parents until I realized that I could activate positive inner parts that I never knew existed within me.

Jung talked about the archetypes as existing in the collective subconscious. Jung also said that each of us has the potential to know all the archetypes that exist in this realm.

When I developed the SoulPages method, I discovered a very important archetype inside me that was dormant – The dreaming child.

I learned how to activate it and it started to thrive and changed my life.

?What will you get

90 minutes art process that will lead you in a self discovery road

Great mix media techniques

Inner healing

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Course Price: 35$

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Materials we will need

  • watercolor
  • printed images from books or magazines
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic markers
  • gel pens
  • black pilot

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Ifat Zeevi


To me, a visual journal is a place to let my soul rest, especially when she’s sad or anxious. It is a place to play, to experiment, and to express childlike parts of myself. It has helped a me lot in the past year and has given me another language in which I can be, experiment and discover.


Orly Elad


The Visual Journal is my private medium of self-expression, self-experimentation, the most powerful place to heal and fulfill.

In my Journal I have a place to create without judgment, to bring out any thought or feeling. To give my hand freedom, to lead the blotches of color and lines, to pick the colors. And many times, to receive answers to the questions – “Who am I? What is my problem?”

It is simply a direct passage to my soul.

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Course Content

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