Awaken Your Inner Child

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SoulPages method by Rakefet Hadar

The Inner child within is waiting for you!!

The inner child exists in each of us and is responsible for the feeling of well-being, joy and happiness in our lives.

Connecting to the inner child will allow us to make a change and transformation in our lives

We are excited to invite you to awaken your inner child with “SoulPages” journaling method  created by Rakefet Hadar.

The “SoulPages” method is focuses on connecting to the parts of imagination, subconscious, play and creation.

Using seven simple elements, you will learn to create in a visual journal and become addicted to an innovative creative language.

Rakfat Hadar developed “SoulPages” method in 2014 with the belief that as children we knew how to create in a special way that allowed us to explore the world and use the resources of joy and pleasure.

Awakening our Inner child can bring healing and transformation to our lives.

You are invited to connect and awaken this energy that is available to each of us.!

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SoulPages™ Method

The Visual Journal is a powerful tool that connects to a place of healing and transformation, that helps us self-educate about different materials and work with a variety of techniques of mixed media – all in the format of a journal.

The Binding of the Journal, the work inside it thereafter, the gentle guidance of a trustworthy instructor – allow us to go through processes of growth and healing, and even light up a spark of joy and passion.

I developed the SoulPages™ method to let you reconnect with parts of you that dream and fulfill, parts of you that are joyous.

What will you get?

Two full SoulPages lessons

Seven ways to activate your Dreaming child lesson by Rakefet Hadar

The The tree of seasons by Rakefet Hadar

A loving Facebook community where you could upload your art

Exclusive invitation to our future free events!

Special Bonuses & early bird prices to our 2024 new courses

Endless inspiration, articles and art in my Blog

Awaken your inner child 

You could start creating today!

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